13 Miles - Done!

Sunset in Spring, Texas (north of Houston)

Yesterday's long run goal was to run the last 3 miles hard. I ended up running the last 3 1/2 miles hard.  

I had stomach cramps for about 3 miles so I took a salt caplet (Succeed S Caps) at miles 4 and 7 and they finally went away. I tried to drink some salty water before the run, but that tasted terrible even when I added a flavored drink. 

Update: Or maybe I had cramps for some other reason. I just read about soldiers who successfully marched in the heat for about 4 hours despite only drinking water in Extreme Heat, Dehydration and Sodium Balance.

After 10 miles, I was back at home and picked up my speedy dog to run the last 3 miles with me. She helped me to keep running fast (fast is her favorite speed) until we both got tired in the last 1/2 mile. I'll just call that my cool-down!

Except for those minor stomach cramps, I felt good on my run. I did take a few breaks. I'm sure that helped. 

Start: 78° w/90% humidity. 
End: 83° w/90% humidity. Felt like 90°.

Mile splits: 10:19, 10:18, 10:20, 10:20, 10:24, 10:24, 10:01, 9:37, 9:36, 9:13, 8:40, 9:00, 9:21/mile. Ave.Pace: 9:49/mile.

Fuel: 3 vanilla Gu gels and 2 strawberry Clif Bloks - both taste great. I'm experimenting with taking in more fuel after reading How to Create Your Marathon Nutrition Plan

I took gels at miles 3, 7.5 and 11.5 because that's when the water stops come up at the Maine Marathon in Portland and I just signed up for that marathon! 

I've never been to Maine. My husband and I look forward to seeing the fall colors, staying in Bar Harbor on Mt. Desert Island and hiking in Acadia National Park. I can't wait to run 26.2 miles on October 2 in cool weather!


  1. Nice job in that humidity! We caught a break in it today and actually had good, breathable air.

    Congrats on your next marathon signup. I've done the 1/2 marathon there and loved it. It was well organized. And lucky you to get to Acadia....most beautiful place ever :) Sounds like a fun Fall taking shape for you.

  2. Nice job! Great paces throughout, but especially at the end!!

  3. Great job in the humidity!

    Yay on another marathon! It looks like a great one, but it would be hard to compete w/Hawaii.

  4. Well done, Tina!
    A Maine marathon would be nice in the fall :) I don't think I'd care for saltwater...

  5. I did that marathon a few years ago. I would also like to do the one that is in Acadia.

  6. ajh, yes, running the Mt. Desert Island marathon would be great! I know it will be a great place to hike.

  7. NO WAY I'm from Portland!! You'll love it up there in the fall, but be prepared for it to be relatively more chilly than it is out here. I wish I could go back and run that marathon too!

  8. beautiful sunset photo! and nice job on the run.

  9. sounds SO much like my past few long runs. great pace! so hard to go fast in this heat and humidity. WOW - a Maine marathon in oct - how awesome! i can't wait to see your pics already!!!

  10. Good luck in Portland! You should have good running temperatures during that time of year. I'm heading down there this weekend with the family, on the way to a vacation a little further west.

    You're getting closer to my part of the world ... I'm running Mount Desert Island for the second consecutive year this coming October.


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