7 Miles in the Heat

Today's 7 mile run was a good one even though it's still hot here in Houston. I felt good the whole time! I think I had a combination of things work for me today:

  • Cold drinks are great! I froze some blueberry pomegranate Gu Brew in my water bottles last night. I don't usually eat or drink anything besides water on runs that are 7 miles or less, but I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that I feel better when I do. I think it's because of the heat. 
Today's Fuel: Gu Brew (no Chomps today, though)
  • A change of place: I did a bridge hillwork run rather than run on the usual three mile loop. I ran to the bridge (where the purple flowers grow) and did hillwork (up fast, down easy). I ran on the hill near the bridge, too, which makes it more interesting so my mind was on the run, not the sun. On the way home, I was in the shade and compared to the sunny bridge, it felt almost cool even though it was probably at least 80°. 
  • I'm a little farther out from the Kona Marathon (June 26) and have been running about two weeks now. Sometimes a little time makes all the difference.
After running, I stretched and did some weight work and other exercises (with a swiss ball or my body weight). My goal is to do weights/other exercises three times a week. So far, 2 weeks of 3 times a week exercises: done!


  1. Nice work! Seems like the whole country is enveloped in this heat wave, so the fact that we're still getting out there is worthy of celebrating...YAY US!

    It's amazing too how the marathon you work so hard for seems to already be disappearing in the past. It looms in the distance for XX weeks, than BAM, it's over. Whatcha got planned for next??

  2. Lisa, I know just what you mean about the marathon so suddenly being over and done with! So I'm thinking about running another marathon this fall. Maybe. We'll see!

  3. Good job on your training and yes, it is hard when that race you have been training for comes and goes.

  4. I've never tried the GU Brew, but maybe I should. I have been thinking I should try a popsicle pre-run on these hotter days to see if that helps.

  5. Raquelita, a popsicle is a good idea, like those pre-run slushies I've read help you out on a hot run.

  6. I was going to ask if when it starts to unfreeze does the ice bounce around as you run? Awesome workout:)

  7. Miss Erosion, sometimes I hear my frozen drink bouncing in the bottle(not today, though), but it doesn't bother me. It's just one large cube - maybe that makes it more quiet than when I throw in some ice cubes.

  8. This gu drink sounds tasty! That would be a good way to go in the heat.
    We have NO heat wave here...It has been the wettest coldest summer I can remember.

    Looks like your recovery is going very well!

  9. Nice job on mixing up your runs and other conditioning workouts - helps keep it interesting.
    I always load up my Camelbak with ice cubes - we used to freeze our electrolyte drink bottles when we did long road bike rides in the summer. ICE COLD drinks help! I wonder what would happen if the Chomps were frozen or refridgerated? They would probably thaw fairly quickly in the heat???

  10. Raina, no heat wave? I'm a little jealous!

    HappyTrails, frozen Chomps? That sounds like an interesting experiment I might have to try!

  11. Love the purple flowers. That helps to tackle that bridge I bet. Nice workout after your marathon.

    I find the heat training become much more bearable in July and August. I guess I finally really adjust to it. I've actually loved the heat training the last 2 summers. (I'm still not fast in the heat, but enjoyable anyway)

  12. sounds like a great run! I've got a 6 mile run I'm going to attempt outside tomorrow morning - thinking of freezing a water bottle tonight to have it ready for tomorrow. And I'm doing the same thing too, trying to weights or other exercises 3x a week. I know it'll help me with my running. Here's hoping for success (for the both of us!).

  13. Way to go on the run! This heat is getting old fast, but we have to deal with it...it makes us appreciate those fall cool fronts even more. :-)

  14. So glad that your running is going so well! I agree, in the heat I need to drink on runs that I normally wouldn't need to. Good idea to freeze it! I will have to do that.

  15. Anonymous7/29/2011

    Running in the heat is harder. Tree shade is my #1 option in that case, it makes it a little more bearable. I do drink a lot more on a hot run but I've never tried the Gu Brew either.
    I guess you have to make sure you clean your bottles really well after that.

  16. trailrunningchick, I haven't had any trouble cleaning the Gu Brew out of my water bottles. You're right, shade is nice!


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