California Mountains

We flew from Hawaii to California and stayed in the mountains in Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. I saw 6 bears, many deer, 1 marmot and heard one rattlesnake which I didn't didn't get close enough to see - and that was okay with me!

To live in a little mountain cabin with my husband - maybe one a little more updated than this one, but to live under the huge trees with a creek nearby- my dream!

I'd have to get used to seeing wild animals, though. The first bear that we saw was near the General Sherman Tree, the world's largest tree by volume. A boy had been sitting with his back to the bear and turned around, saw the bear and ran. When the bear saw the boy run, he ran, too, in the opposite direction. Phew!

Mother Bear and Two Cubs

We really liked staying at the Wuksachi Lodge. I could hardly step outside without seeing a wild animal. We saw this huge bear when we came back from a hike. He chased 3 deer down the mountain and one of them ran just a few feet behind us so that we were between the bear and the deer - not so good! 

We saw a smaller bear later. When a deer came bounding down the hill, the bear was scared by the noise and ran - from the deer! 

One morning, I stepped outside on the deck and a deer surprised me. The animals didn't seem scared of people - just looked at us and went along with their business.

I did a little hillwork - my first run since the Kona Marathon. It felt good to run (slowly!), but the elevation made it hard - about 7600'. Uphill was hard, but downhill was fun!

A Log in the Sequoias

We're home now. I like the smell of pine needles at Memorial Park when I run  - a reminder of the mountains.


  1. That would be my kind of vacation.
    A little scary about being between the deer and the bear though. How did you work out that one?

  2. The bear stopped chasing the deer and went another way... Just another "Phew" moment!

  3. Marmots, deer, and bears, oh my! Sounds like you have had a wonderful blast of a vacation. Beautiful photos all the way around, from Hawaii (I REALLY liked the foodie pics, ESPECIALLY the Macadamia Brownie concoction - YUM!) and now the Sequoia report and pics. Fun and lovely! Thanks for sharing it all!

  4. What a great vacation! That was a lot of bears to see in one trip. All the pictures are so pretty. I love the old cabin.

  5. What an awesome shift from Hawaii!! Very cool and clean, too...kinda reminds me of my home here :)

    I bet that bear was fun to see. I have only seen black bears around here - and they are pretty small.

  6. Sequoia NP is our list of places we'd love to visit- especially since I am in love with trees! Such a great dream too- we want to get away some where beautiful eventually.

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I'd love to be out there with nature, but the bears do scare me a bit. :-) Sequoia is on my list of places to visit!

  8. I would be nervous seeing the bears. But I would also like it. The other day I was lucky to see a mother deer and two fawns, very sweet.

  9. Wow - what great photos. Looks like beautiful scenery, although I think the bear would have been too scary for me!

  10. oh i LOVE that picture of the deer looking up at you!!! he's like 'oh, hello there!!'
    what a great trip! hope you are back in the groove.

  11. That deer photo is one of my favorites of the whole vacation! After seeing me, the deer wandered around eating off the ground and over into the nearby trees to visit with more deer. I was amazed!

  12. Love those pictures! I really want to go there someday.

    PS - thanks for the kind words today, and advice.

  13. Just getting caught up and looking at your pics here and on your other posts. WOW! What a great vacation! Beautiful pics!

  14. It's been years since I camped/hiked in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks... but your photo brought me right back there.
    Thank you!


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