Ran 10 in the Rain

I was all set to run a 10 mile progression run - start out slowly, finish faster. I failed at picking up the pace, but I did complete the 10 miles. : ) The humidity rose from 80 to 86 and the temperature was around 80°. My fastest miles were miles 1 and 6. Ugh!

I guess I should stick to the flat trail or the treadmill in my air-conditioned house the next time I care about my splits. Either that, or just be glad for the hard workout that will prepare me for a race with very easy hills. Very easy!

If I'd run inside, though, I would have missed the rain. It rained the last two miles of my run. I liked the rainy smell and seeing that a lot of people just kept running even in the rain.

And now my long run of the week is done and I've rewarded myself already - half of a cupcake. I ate the first half Saturday and saved the rest just for today. (Follow @Sprinkles on Twitter for free cupcakes!)

And since I'm not quite done talking about our recent vacation to Hawaii, how about a fish picture? Snorkeling was one of the best things I did while on vacation in Hawaii - right up there with running the Kona Marathon. It was a little hard to aim the disposable camera and swim at the same time, but I'm glad that my husband shot this one of my favorite fish - it's bright pink, blue and green.


  1. Awesome pictures of both the fish AND the cupcake - though I'm drooling more over the cupcake. I also enjoy running in the rain. I'll even say I enjoy running in the snow - I get a kick out of watching driversby taking a second look at me. I wonder what they're saying....hee.

  2. great job on the 10 miles! mmmm, cupcakes.

  3. I love running in the rain! We've had so little of it lately, but I'm thinking about heading home and putting on my running shoes :)

  4. You must have amazing will power to only eat HALF a cupcake and save the rest till later. I need about three before I'm satisfied - which is why I never buy them!
    Well done on churning out that ten miler in hot conditions.

  5. The smell of rain when running is one of the best feelings! :)

  6. I'm pretty sure I could never eat just half a cupcake...

  7. Cool pic!
    Good job on the 10 -- that heat and humidity is TOUGH. It might not have been the run you wanted but you got it done!

  8. Great job! I love running in the rain...especially when it's hot outside!

  9. I would never have the will power to eat half a cupcake.

  10. Running I the rain is the best! When it happened during your run - I can never get the courage to head OUT when it's raining! Y'all have the worst humidity...it sure makes itbhard to breathe AND to speed up. Give yourself a break - you're running in Houston in Summer! That automatically makes you a rockstar!

  11. I would have never been able to resist eating the whole cupcake. Not a chance.


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