Running Fuel & Thick Yogurt

I had a $10 gift card for Sports Authority so I dropped in and picked up some new running fuel. I've eaten gels and chomps but I think the flavors are new for me and I've never had a waffle on a run.

Just before my vacation, GU sent me a package of Chomps and Brew out of the blue. So nice! I drank the peach tea Brew, included in the package, before running the Kona marathon, wanting to hydrate, but not only with water. I took an empty bottle of water through security at the airport (TSA okayed it). Later, I dropped in a Brew tablet and filled up at the fountain. This worked out well and it was a nice change from water.

Last weekend at Memorial Park, the Kind bar makers were handing out Kind bars. Whenever I ran by, they gave me a bar! Kind! ; ) I'd never had these before. I saw at their site that they have lots of flavors. Mine tasted like dates, almonds and cashews (the first three ingredients) and it was good - I ate one for dessert!

I made Greek-style yogurt yesterday after seeing a tweet from Cooking Light. Into my sifter (my only steel strainer) I put a paper towel and a few spoonfuls of low-fat vanilla yogurt and about eight hours later, the yogurt was thick - like Greek yogurt and good, but I don't like the idea of straining out the whey, which is what I did. I didn't think much about it before making it - just excited to experiment with the yogurt, I guess.

I'm working on building my mileage up again after running the Kona marathon. I ran 6 miles this morning. The temperature and the humidity were both in the 80's when I ran. Still, I'm looking forward to more miles. I like longer runs. And then I'll get to try out all of my new food!


  1. oooh, I'll have to try making my own yogurt!

  2. Thanks for the tips about the running groups, I'll have to check them out at some point. I've never heard of Kind or Stinger before, but the idea of dessert in a bar sounds great to me!

  3. I love Greek yogurt. My favorite is Fage and naturally, the most expensive. I've tried making my own but convenience wins out every week even though homemade tastes so much more fresh.
    Great job on your run! 10 marathons?! Amazing.

  4. Anonymous7/17/2011

    A colleague of mine swears by the Kind bars, she loves that they're all natural with no unreadable ingredients, I tried the mango macadamia nuts and it was really tasty.
    I've never tried chomps. Are they similar to the cliff shots?

  5. Yes, GU Chomps are like Shot Bloks, but the pieces are a tab bit smaller so you might eat 4-5 Chomps for about 100 calories vs. 3 Bloks.

  6. I've wondered about the Gu Brew, glad to see a good review. I'll have to give it a try!

  7. The Foodie that you are - you should check to see if there is a Dutch or German bakery/store in Houston and see if they have Stroop Waffles - a BIG YUM!!! The Stinger Waffle is a 'copy' of the real thing. The real Stroop Waffles have a brown sugar/carmelly filling sandwiched between tasty 'cookies'. You would appreciate them. :-) I just tried my first Greek yogurt this past weekend-it was a big YUM, too!

  8. HappyTrails, interesting! If I don't find one here, the next time I'm in Fredericksburg, TX, (lots of German bakeries there) I'll look for them. Thanks!

  9. I used Gu chomps in my race yesterday and really liked them! And I LOVE Greek yogurt but am far too lazy to make my own.

  10. i've recently discovered power bar energy gels as i was trying to find a gel that worked better for me. i got the red packet flavored ones (can't think of what it is - tropical?) and LOVE these! they are sooo easy to consume. i'd love to try those flavors. the store i got mine at only had 3 flavors and the two you have were not there. i also go GU brew electrolyte tablets in that flavor and used it in my long run sat. worked great, tasted fine.

  11. i need to start using gels again now that my miles are increasing.

    glad to hear you are getting back at it after the marathon.


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