Snorkeling & Eating in Hawaii

More snorkeling today! This time we drove up to Turtle Bay Resort where there is a public beach. I saw even more fish than the last time I snorkeled - fish of all colors and shapes, even a sea animal that looked like blue silly string. The fish weren't very shy and swam close to me. It was like swimming in an aquarium!

My husband and I stopped at the Dole Plantation on the way back to Honolulu and saw these ruby red pineapples.

Time for a 4th of July parade at Waikiki Beach!

Last night, my husband and I shared 3 pancakes and only ate about 1/4 of the pancakes. Notice the size of my husband's hand compared to the pancakes! If one person eats the whole plate of pancakes in 90 minutes at the restaurant Mac 24/7, they get the pancakes free. That's one $15 savings I never want to attempt!

My favorite toppings: peanut butter sauce, bacon and bananas. The coconut syrup was very good, too.

For dinner tonight, I ate a beautiful beet and pear salad...

 And a shared macadamian nut ice cream/brownie dessert. (This was free. I've gotten two nice desserts and a salad for free with coupons.) This was a great way to end a great day.


  1. I have great memories of snorkeling in Hawaii (Maui)! It sounds like you found a wonderful destination marathon ... congratulations on your finish in that humidity!

  2. oh that food looks scrumptious! and those pancakes are HUGE!!!

  3. We're going to Hawaii in a few weeks. This post is getting me exited for the trip!


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