Snorkeling in Hawaii

I had the best time snorkeling at Shark's Cove on the North Shore of Oahu. This was one of my favorite vacation days - a tie with the day I ran the Kona marathon.

Even before stepping in the water, I spotted some fish (next photo). When I snorkeled, I saw yellow fish with black stripes, blue/red/green fish and huge schools of fish, too. I could have stayed out there all day.

Well, I would if I could do it without getting sunburned - and I am sunburned now!

We cooled off with shave ice from Matsumoto. That's me in my yellow Kona marathon shirt.

My favorite parts - the white cake and strawberry cream flavors and the vanilla ice cream in the bottom of the cup. I also ate some of the sweet beans and condensed milk topping, but the ice cream was the best add-on.

The day before, we snorkeled at Hanauma Bay where my husband saw fish, but I didn't. I just got some practice using my snorkel gear. ; )

I wasn't expecting to see mongoose and was a little shocked when I saw my first one. I've seen a lot of them now, though. They run around like the squirrels do back at home.


  1. I'm enjoying your trip with you!

  2. how neat to see a mongoose! love all these pics - what a beautiful place!! hope your sunburn isn't too bad! :)

  3. Looks so awesome!


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