The Training Continues

Yesterday, I ran 6 miles in new shoes and got in some hillwork, too. Whenever I get new shoes, I like to do my first few runs on the treadmill in case there's a problem with my shoes and I need to return them.

I ran for a mile at 1% and then a mile at 2%. Then I increased the elevation to 5 for a 1/2 mile, back to 2 for a 1/2 mile, up to 8 for a 1/2 mile, back to 2 for a 1/2 mile, up to 5 for a 1/2 mile, back to 2 for a 1/2 mile and down to 1 for a mile. In the last mile, I ran at marathon pace for a 1/2 mile just for fun. So I went up, up, up and then I came down, pretty much! Here's where I found the hill workout.

The second time I ran at 5% I noticed how much I was pumping my arms and was glad that I've been doing arm exercises. And increasing to 8%? If you want time to slow down, practically stop really, increase your treadmill elevation to 8! I think that's the steepest I've ever set my treadmill. After the hills, the 1% cool-down felt like I was running downhill!

New Asics Gel 3020 Shoes
I liked how comfortable the Asics Gel 3020 felt. I got 10% off using the coupon code "gottarunnow' at which you can use, too. I'm not paid in any way when you use the code, but I know that getting a discount is fun. Plus, I like shopping there and you might, too.

It was a nice break from the heat to run inside on the treadmill, but I like running outside the most. Today I ran 8 miles outside. When I finished, the feels-like temperature was 95°! No wonder my dog liked those breaks we took so much. I'm glad that I took plenty of cool water and ran mostly in the shade.

Only about 9 weeks until the Maine Marathon!


  1. LOVE Asics :) Been in them forever. thanks for the code for runningwarehouse. I just might go do a little shopping...

  2. Great job! Love the new shoes..I have to wear stability shoes and they never come in cute colors. Always only in blue and white - boring!

  3. I loved my asics, but I had to get a new pair finally, since I used those shoes up way too much/too long! I'm now using sauconys - I like them so far. Great job on the workout!

  4. more great workouts! you are pretty inspiring!

  5. thank you SO much for that discount code!! i just used it! been needing a new pair of shoes and to save an extra 10% was 10 more dollars back in my pocket!! woohooo!!
    great running tina - i know how you feel!!!

  6. Smart thing to use the treadmill first. I don't run on a treadmill (not really sure I know how to honestly). So I just have to trust that the shoes will work.

  7. For road racing I wear Asics Gel Flash DS trainers and never had a problem with them. There was never any need to break them in on the treadmill, they fitted snugly and gave me a super ride from the word go.
    Well done Tina with that great workout, and thanks for the reminder about arm exercises. You're obviously more dedicated than I am!

  8. Old Runningfox, just want to add that I only wear my shoes on the treadmill at first in case I got a bad pair (not made well or a new to me model that is bad for my foot), not that I'm breaking them in, which I've never found I needed to do with my shoes either.

    I definitely felt my arms towards the end of today's run, too!

  9. Love Asics too! My last pair were Brooks which were a decent pair but I prefer Asics.


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