20 Miles: Good Stuff

Today's goal was to run 20 miles - my second 20 miler in this training cycle.

Good stuff I did on this hot day:

  • Drank lots of water: There's so much talk about hyponatremia floating around that I worry more about that than dehydration, but once I started drinking as much as I wanted, I felt better.
  • Found the shade: Sometimes this meant running back and forth on a .35 mile trail, but who cares if I saw the same blue jay eight times?!
  • Took breaks in a cool place: The air-conditioned park restroom was cool so I ate my four gels there and drank water just outside at the refrigerated water fountain. It may sound like a funny place to take a break, but I wasn't the only one who did that!
  • Drank cold water often: Sometimes I ran only a mile away from the fountain and then back. I have a fuel belt and a Camelbak pack, but I wanted to run with a lighter load today.
  • Didn't worry about my pace: Running in the heat and humidity slows me down.
Thanks, Skinny Cow, for the photo and for tasting so good, too!

Miles Completed: 20. Very happy to have finished my second 20 miler in this training cycle. (I ran the first 20 miler on the treadmill.)
Temperature: 78-91°
Felt-like: 80-95° 
Average pace: 10:41 

I was so happy to run in the much-needed rain yesterday, but I had my eyes out for the coyote that was seen at the end of my street who bit a small dog, probably thinking it was a rabbit, I guess. Don't worry - the dog got away. Here's a video of the news story.

And now it's time for an ice cream break!


  1. Love love seriously love Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.

  2. Skinny Cow rocks! I think I need to pick some more up.

    Good job on your run!

  3. 20 miles - WAHOO! Awesome job :)

  4. Nice work, Tina! I love your tips of getting 20 in on a hot day!

  5. Hope the heat breaks soon! Great work, though! You handle these so well.

  6. WTG sounds like a great run.

  7. Wow! Way to go on your 20 miler in less-than ideal conditions!

    Funny you mention the coyote story - my dad just saw one in our very suburban neighborhood and the civic association said it is the third 'sighting' this summer! So strange!

  8. Hot temps really do require some special measures. I am fortunate not to have too many situations where it's hot, but then I don't have to acclimate to it for any reason...I agree that doing loops in the shade might be a great way to keep it tolerable. I usually don't need to hydrate on anything under double digits, but last night I ran 7 miles and drank almost a liter after I got back. CRAZY!
    That sounds like a very appropriate pace for the heat. Well done!

  9. YAY on the 20 miler!!! my pace has been around 11 with this heat and humidity! i hear ya on repeating on a patch of shade! been doing that when i can here. i have 19 on tap for friday and i'm just trying to get excited about it - the heat is getting old!!
    costco has a big box of skinny cows!! total happiness!!! ha!!

  10. Anonymous9/04/2011

    This summer has been hard for running. We've hit temperatures in the 90's pretty much all summer and I've had to run in the evenings (Can't fathom getting up at 4am). It definitely makes it important to run by effort and not pace at that point.

    Never heard of that ice cream. I'm a Ben&Jerry's fan.


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