I Actually Like My Treadmill

...Because it's so hot outside! I do miss seeing nature (or most of it) and sometimes it's boring (unless you're just trying not to fall off), but compared to running outside in the blazing heat, it's wonderful!

Since I wanted to get in a little speed this week (nearly impossible outside lately), I ran on the treadmill Wednesday. I ran 8 x 800m with 400m rests during my 8 mile run. I ran most of the intervals in 3:50 - just under 4 minutes. I tried to run faster, but I thought I was going to fall right off my treadmill. That workout went by quickly.

Yesterday, I ran 7 easy miles outside and saw a dead cottontail rabbit. My hand went involuntarily to my mouth. Turned out okay, for me at least, I didn't lose my Cheerios - not nearly as shocking as the time I saw the python or boa at Sugar Land Memorial Park. Now that was an exciting run!

Here's how I fueled for today's run: I ate toast before the run and tried my first Honey Stinger waffle today after running 3 miles. (The waffle was free with a gift card.)  The waffle was very crumbly and I lost some of it on my treadmill - too bad because it tasted great, like a cookie. After the run, I drank vanilla flavored Carnation milk (tastes good, 5g protein, more nutrition facts here) with a banana.

I ran 9 miles on the treadmill. I worked up to 9:09/mile pace in the first two miles, very slowly so that it always felt easy to increase the pace. Then I ran 8:32 pace for 5 miles and 7:59 pace for one mile - counting down each quarter mile in the last mile to make it through. I cooled down with an easy mile. I couldn't have done that workout outside today - too hot!


  1. I'm actually starting to appreciate my treadmill a lot more with the excessive heat and baby! It is incredibly boring, but better than the alternative :)

  2. Great workout! My heart truly goes out to all of you who have to deal with the heat.

  3. Anonymous8/05/2011

    No treadmill here. I make use of my days off to run in the morning or brave the heat (it hasn't gone over 92 mind you). I realize that I'm slowly building a resistance to the heat because it seems to get easier.

  4. I just went back and read your old post. I seriously think people who get giant snakes for pets and then release them unsuspectingly into the "wild" should get the death penalty!

  5. I used the treadmill when I was traveling in Cleveland last week, also to avoid the heat, and it was boring, but definitely the better alternative. I think you are doing the right thing absolutely.

    Thanks for putting your fueling strategies in your posts. I'm still working on mine. Tomorrow for my long run I'm going to try Clif Shot Blocks during and plain dry Cheerios and Ultima electrolyte drink before (Ultima during, too).

  6. I go through a few treadmill phases when I can tolerate it, but lately, I can't even make myself board it. Typically, if I make myself do it for a couple of runs, then I will get back into the groove and can tolerate it. Recently, I've been thinking about doing some tempo runs on it, but that's as far as it's gone, just a thought.

  7. Mmmm, I have Carnation every morning. You may need counseling though if you actually like the treadmill. Ugh.

  8. We've only been on a dreadmill a handful of times. It probably is a useful tool for doing very structured runs. Good job! I, too, always enjoy reading about your fueling info. FYI - I actually have a Stroop Waffle making machine that my mom sent me a few years ago. Still in the box, unopened. I think I will be testing it out one of these days!!! Yum! :-)

  9. I think my treadmill is broken...glad it's cool in the mornings here! Dead rabbits. yuck!


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