Tempo Time

The Goal: Cross the Finish Line Smiling 
Today's tempo workout:

  • Miles 1-2: slowly worked up to 9:01/mile pace
  • Miles 3-10: 8:19 pace (used the McMillan calculator to find tempo pace)
  • Mile 11: easy pace 
Ten days ago, I ran 6 miles at tempo pace so I wanted to try to increase the tempo miles today. The treadmill works great for tempo runs, keeping me at a steady pace when I wanted to slow down in the last 1/2 mile. (Treadmill Pace Chart)

It seems like there are many variations of tempo runs. Have you run a tempo run lately? How did you run yours?

Know Your Tempo by Mario Fraioli


  1. my tempo includes a slower warm up and cool down. i have a hard time hitting an exact pace, but i definitely run the tempo portions at a harder effort

  2. I'm so bad with tempo runs. In fact, I'm at a loss right now with what my MP is or should be for Cape Cod. I usually go by feel on any given training day, but I do believe that having some plan/strategy is a benefit. Thanks for giving me a little something to think about.. :)

  3. Tempo run have become my bread and butter. Just like long runs, they start to pay off the more you do them. I try and get at least one tempo run in a week 4 - 8 miles, and often I treat the last part of my long run like a tempo. You learn a lot about lactic Threshold when doing tempo runs. Do not worry about pace as much as effort.

  4. Thanks to all of you for pointing out how important going by effort or feel is when doing a tempo run - a good reminder for me!

  5. I do it once a week. Because of the mileage goal it's usually when I do a group run which sometimes works great sometimes not so much (stuck behind someone or on a course that is harder to keep a steady pace). I definitely still have a lot of work to do on that part of my training.

  6. I skipped my last one which is unlike me so I am no help.

  7. Nice work, Tina! Using a TM is not for me....but it would be in the heat :)

    Lately I have been doing something called "threshold runs" which are the Jack Daniel's version of tempo. Sometimes they are in big chunks, like 20 minutes, and sometimes it's in smaller portions with a minute of rest in between. Anything over 20 minutes and there is an adjustment for the tempo/threshold pace. But since I am not training for marathons most of the tempo is under 20 minutes.

    Great links today, BTW!

  8. Hey Tina! That looks like a great workout--you are rocking.

    I did a tempo run two Thursdays ago--did it outside so my pace wasn't very even, but all four miles of it were in my McMillan range for these types of runs. Looked like this:

    Miles 1 and 2: Warm Up (11:28 and 9:49--I like to start out SLOOOWWWWW)
    Mile 3: 8:31
    Mile 4: 8:17
    Mile 5: 8:27
    Mile 6: 8:02 (4 miles total in tempo range)
    Mile 7 & 8: Cool Down (10:19 and 10:08)

    I have another, longer one next week--a little nervous! There are also "tempo intervals" of 2000 meters at the track in my plan, which I bought from McMillan. I did that workout last week--it was great!

  9. I know I am supposed to but I don't think I have done one in weeks. I just can't seem to learn to like tempo runs.

  10. Steady state runs for 20 min. out of 70 total. It's a love-hate relationship with them.

  11. Hey, thanks for the links about tempo runs! I really don't know all that much about running other than getting out there and doing it so I appreciate the info.

  12. super tempo run Tina. I haven't done much on the treadmill in months. I do believe it has great value, especially when it's so hot. I think it's good mental training also, but my mind is weak. I go through treadmill phases, but they are rare and far apart. Maybe I will give it a try again sometime soon. Great info. Thanks


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