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3 Days Until the Marathon

By the time the Maine Marathonrolls around on October 2, I'll have run 15 1/2 miles, spread out over 4 different runs this week. (5, 4.5, 3 and 3 miles)
Yesterday I ran 4 1/2 miles with 2 miles at race pace. It was humid and 77°. On race day, it may be 45-60° with a 40% chance of rain. The only thing that bothers me about the rain is the possibility of lightning. 
I'm trying to eat at least 300 g. carbohydrates for 3 days and hoping my stomach won't rebel like it has before. If it does, I'll just go back to normal eating. Has carb loading worked for you or do you skip it? 
Marathon goals (something old, something new):

Run a little slower than race pace in the first 3 miles. (something new)Cross the finish line smiling. 
Gotta run now - it's time for a bagel!

Texas Hill Country Run

My husband and I rented a log cabin at Settlers Crossing Bed & Breakfast about 4 hours away from Houston in Fredericksburg. On the property, there were 7 houses to rent and animals, too: deer, goats, sheep, donkeys and Bob...
Besides running, I sat on the porch and read. I didn't get very far in my book, though - I had to keep checking for hummingbirds at the feeder and other animals that might wander by. We happened to be the only renters at the B & B and we loved how quiet it was there.

The log cabin was originally built in 1850 in Missouri.

While there, I had time for a 12 mile run. I ran each mile faster than the last plus a cool-down mile. I stopped at the cabin for water and frozen fruit that tasted great and kept me going. It was cooler outside this morning - maybe 65 degrees.

  All of the animals roamed freely. It was fun to keep an eye out for them when I ran on the one mile loop that was crushed gravel and asphalt. 

 The baby donkey let me pet him. That made him…

San Antonio

There's nothing like going out of town to get your mind off taper time! I've run quite a few miles on the Grand Hyatt treadmills, complete with a great city view and a personal TV. I've learned something new from all of that TV: if you eat snacks with your "other" hand, you'll eat 30% less. I don't believe it, but I might try it sometime.

Our hotel room is on the 14th floor so my husband and I have a great view of the bright city lights. One night, we ate at Casa Rio and watched the Riverwalk boats full of people go by. I've walked a lot here - over to the Alamo and on the Riverwalk.

Usually when we go out of town, we go somewhere cooler so it seems like it should be cooler, but it's not. That's one reason I like running on the hotel treadmill. I'm glad I'm reading about cooler weather in so many places - it gives me hope!

My workouts so far this week: Monday: 8 miles w/4 fast miles with rests. Tuesday: 6 miles. Wednesday: 7 miles wit…

Marathon Taper

... for the Maine Marathon. Here's what I did this week...

9/12: 8 miles with 4 faster miles.

9/13: 6 1/4 miles. Memorial Park workers are busy cutting down dead trees because of the drought. This week I watched 2 pine trees being cut down.

I ran with a cute white possum. I did hillwork on the park bridge and the possum ran out from the bushes and just ahead of me down the sidewalk and back into the bushes.

9/14: 8 1/4 miles. After warming up, it was time to start running 5 x 600m, but I was so hot (77°) that I didn't expect much. When my 2nd 600m was faster than my first one, I thought it might be fun to make a game of it. I wondered if I could run each 600m faster than the previous one and I did.

9/15: 5 1/2 miles.

9/16: 15 miles. I ate a vanilla bean Gu gel at the 9.7 mile mark and brought 40 oz. of Gu Brew with me for my other fuel. I felt great today, but had to stop at the restroom, unusual for me. I drank too much today. I need to trust my thirst. I finished the run with a …

20 Miles on My Treadmill & Pumpkin Smoothie

I heard marathoner Ryan Hall say that he didn't like to think about what his splits will be before he runs a marathon because they seemed impossible to him. That surprised me.

Today I ran 20 miles on the treadmill. This was my second time to do that and unlike the first time, this time I knew I could do it. Experience helps!

Here's how I ran 20 miles on the treadmill:
changed my pace a few times, sometimes faster feels easier ran some goal pace miles to build confidence (I ran 9 miles at goal pace)practiced race fueling; in my head, I ran from water stop to water stoplistened to music had a mileage goal and didn't consider quitting had a cold drink ready for the finish, like a pumpkin smoothie! This was my 3rd 20 mile run during this training cycle as I prepare for the Maine Marathon on Oct.2. 1st Try (too hot)1st 20 Miler (treadmill)2nd 20 Miler (warm outside)

Pre-run: cinnamon raisin bagel and 12 oz Gatorade During run: stops were about every 2 miles: 4 oz Gatorade or 8…

10 Miles

I ran 4 x 1200 meters with 2 minute rests. My first 1200 was only a little faster than marathon pace (goal was 5K pace), but I ran the next two a few seconds faster. I started on a quiet path and ran the last 1200 on the crowded park loop where I finally got down to about 5K pace. The crowds made it feel like a fun race and my chocolate outrage GU tasted like chocolate frosting.

My cool down felt great, like a cool-down should. The humidity was down and the wind felt great so the weather was much better than what it's been all summer even if it was 80° today.

Science Daily posted an article that says runners drink too much during races and that the main cause of low sodium in runners is drinking too much water or sports drinks. Just drink to thirst - one tip you've probably heard before.

Long Run, Then Pizza

It was another hot day, but it might be cooler next week. I ate 3 vanilla GU gels and stopped often for water during today's 16 mile run. I didn't need any salt tabs this week, but I did drink Gatorade before my longer runs.

I had a really good 11 mile run on Tuesday. I wonder if that hot run went better than usual because of my higher sodium GU Brew that I drank while I ran - no stopping needed because of the heat. I did stop when someone asked me where I got my running skirt, though!

I took a day off from running this week because my foot hurt when I flexed it. No problems today! I hope to do a short run tomorrow and that will give me a total of 50 miles for the week. Only about 4 more weeks until the Maine Marathon on October 2!

Update: I got the short run in on Saturday making this a 50 mile week.