10 Miles

Healthy Snack: Protein Packed Peanuts  
I ran 4 x 1200 meters with 2 minute rests. My first 1200 was only a little faster than marathon pace (goal was 5K pace), but I ran the next two a few seconds faster. I started on a quiet path and ran the last 1200 on the crowded park loop where I finally got down to about 5K pace. The crowds made it feel like a fun race and my chocolate outrage GU tasted like chocolate frosting.

My cool down felt great, like a cool-down should. The humidity was down and the wind felt great so the weather was much better than what it's been all summer even if it was 80° today.

Science Daily posted an article that says runners drink too much during races and that the main cause of low sodium in runners is drinking too much water or sports drinks. Just drink to thirst - one tip you've probably heard before.


  1. I've heard that too much water is bad because you don't replace the electrolytes but actually cause them to be flushed out of the system, but too much sports drinks? How does that lead to low sodium??

  2. Great 10 miles! I did the same thing today. I ran with my dog intending to do speed work, 2 min.x 9 intervals at 5K pace which turned out to be a half marathon pace. 1 min rests in between. I'm blaming it on the long run Sat., and no rest Sunday. Maybe the next speed workout will go as planned and I'll be as good as you to get to goal pace.
    Great job!

  3. Glad the temps are becoming more friendly to you!
    Nice, too, that you had swarms of adoring fans to cheer you through your intervals!!! :-)

  4. Nice work out there! I've never done track workouts and am a little intimidated by it.

    The frosting-like-GU sounds heavenly...but only if it comes in vanilla :)

  5. I love peanuts. Too much...
    Surprise, surprise, we ought to trust our bodies when it comes to drinking too?
    Good workout.

  6. Great job with your workout. I should really get to the track. I miss it! Glad your training is going well.

  7. I try to drink the same amount of water I have during training. No more, no less. Sounds like a great workout!

  8. Nice workout Tina. 80 is still hot for me :)

  9. This weather is phenomenal! Thanks for the tip about water... I wonder how much is really enough?

  10. So glad the weather is improving for you!
    Great job on your run!

  11. honestly, i never heard that about drinking too much in a race. how much do you think you take in during a marathon? i'm very curious to read more about this now!
    love peanuts!!

  12. Kate, I usually get a drink at most of the water stops. Sometimes I take two cups.

  13. Thank you for the comment on my blog. It's so nice to know that someone knows how I feel (regarding the injury and still hoping to run a marathon). I'm excited for the experience, and I am definitely hoping to continue to run marathons in the future. I think lots of runners drink too much, too. thirst is key!


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