Long Run, Then Pizza

Pizza & Jane Eyre Movie (now I want to read the book again)
It was another hot day, but it might be cooler next week. I ate 3 vanilla GU gels and stopped often for water during today's 16 mile run. I didn't need any salt tabs this week, but I did drink Gatorade before my longer runs.

I had a really good 11 mile run on Tuesday. I wonder if that hot run went better than usual because of my higher sodium GU Brew that I drank while I ran - no stopping needed because of the heat. I did stop when someone asked me where I got my running skirt, though!

I took a day off from running this week because my foot hurt when I flexed it. No problems today! I hope to do a short run tomorrow and that will give me a total of 50 miles for the week. Only about 4 more weeks until the Maine Marathon on October 2!

Update: I got the short run in on Saturday making this a 50 mile week.


  1. That pizza looks GOOD! Glad your foot feels better.

  2. I need to see that Jane Eyre movie!

    Four weeks to go--sounds like you're doing great putting in the miles. Maine will feel so good to you after that heat, I bet you won't even notice you're going 26.2 miles. :^)

  3. Wow, impressive mileage!! I struggle to get in the 40 mileage range.

    My husband's doing his marathon that day too, so while I'm cheering him on, I'll definitely send you some speedy vibes up to Maine :)

  4. I ran today too but I don't think I have earned my pizza slice yet. Oh, that looks soooooo yummy.... :)

  5. I am gunna try the GU you mentioned. I am always trying to find a creative way to take my salt. Nice week!

  6. I took one day off last week listening to my body which I'm not usually good at. Things are better for me too. Aren't we good to listen?

  7. Whoa! 50 mile week...and here I thought my 36 mile week was long. Way to go, Tina!

  8. 50 miles!!! awesome!!! i'll be at 40 this week by sat and then alternate down and up to that 2 more times before the marathon. i am hoping i'm being wise!! good job on the run! i really like the taste of GU Brew.:)


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