Marathon Taper

... for the Maine Marathon. Here's what I did this week...

9/12: 8 miles with 4 faster miles.

9/13: 6 1/4 miles. Memorial Park workers are busy cutting down dead trees because of the drought. This week I watched 2 pine trees being cut down.

I ran with a cute white possum. I did hillwork on the park bridge and the possum ran out from the bushes and just ahead of me down the sidewalk and back into the bushes.


9/14: 8 1/4 miles. After warming up, it was time to start running 5 x 600m, but I was so hot (77°) that I didn't expect much. When my 2nd 600m was faster than my first one, I thought it might be fun to make a game of it. I wondered if I could run each 600m faster than the previous one and I did.

9/15: 5 1/2 miles.

9/16: 15 miles. I ate a vanilla bean Gu gel at the 9.7 mile mark and brought 40 oz. of Gu Brew with me for my other fuel. I felt great today, but had to stop at the restroom, unusual for me. I drank too much today. I need to trust my thirst. I finished the run with a very heavy 10 ounces of Gu Brew left.

Probably because I started easy and very slowly sped up and because it was only 80°, rather than do the I'm-going-to-die-soon-shuffle at the end, I was able to speed up for 4 miles. Wouldn't it be great to do that during a marathon? In my dreams! And now there are only about 2 weeks of dreaming left until the marathon!

Unusual animal sightings this week: possum, raccoon, 2 deer. And I'm not even on vacation!

Top photo: Sequoia National Park Wildflowers July 2011 Vacation


  1. Happy Taper!! Wow, your body won't know what to do when it gets up North. We're on the edge of a frost alert for tonight/tomorrow.

    Go Tina!

  2. I love running past wildlife, but sometimes I have wild fantasies about them going rabid and attacking me or something ... I guess that would make us run faster!

  3. Lisa, good, I could really use some cooler temps!

    Jim, reminds me of the unplanned speedwork I've done while being chased by loose dogs!

  4. There used to be a pheasant that would chase us when we ran past its' nest...pretty aggressive creature!

  5. 9/14 looks like a good day!

    I counted 8 deer the other night- all within 1/4 mile. That's a lot of glowing eyeballs.

    Possums are cute until they get angry! :)

  6. Unexpected Runner & Raina, I stayed a few feet behind the possum and was prepared to make a quick u-turn - I know there are even some people who don't like being passed!

  7. My dad told me it's a high of 60 today in Portland where they live. Only 38 this morning!

  8. Monika, love hearing how cold it is there!

  9. Sounds like your taper is going well. I love wildlife sightings while out on our runs - as long as the wildlife do not chase me!!! Speedwork, indeed! :-)

  10. For me, early morning jaunts in wild and lonely places is what makes running (or even walking) all the more exciting and worthwhile. We don't have possums, but foxes, stoats, weasels, badgers and roe deer occasionally brighten up my runs.

  11. *I think my computer decided to eat my last comments so I'm posting again (sorry if it's a repeat...delete)...
    Good Luck! Are you excited yet? My body is so ready for tapering when it gets to this point in marathon training.
    It sounds like you had some good nature runs this week. It makes it all worth while.

  12. Yes, I am so excited - not just about the marathon, but the short vacation we'll take, too! I've never been to Maine before!

  13. Enjoy the taper! I read somewhere that during taper you can't do much to get into better shape, but you CAN get better rested. Enjoy the excitement leading up to race day. :)

  14. Happy Taper to you too, Tina! I've always wanted to go to Maine, so I'll look forward to your vacation pictures. What a fun year you've had for traveling!!

  15. I can't wait to hear about your race, Tina. Try not to let the taper get you crazy. BTW, I hope I can meet you in Houston in January. :^)

  16. sounds like you live in a zoo! Ugh, the taper always stresses me out. You are going to do awesome!

  17. maine is sooo beautiful!!! what a great week of running you had! all of this heat training is going to pay off in your race!! enjoy your taper :)


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