San Antonio

There's nothing like going out of town to get your mind off taper time! I've run quite a few miles on the Grand Hyatt treadmills, complete with a great city view and a personal TV. I've learned something new from all of that TV: if you eat snacks with your "other" hand, you'll eat 30% less. I don't believe it, but I might try it sometime.

Our hotel room is on the 14th floor so my husband and I have a great view of the bright city lights. One night, we ate at Casa Rio and watched the Riverwalk boats full of people go by. I've walked a lot here - over to the Alamo and on the Riverwalk.

Usually when we go out of town, we go somewhere cooler so it seems like it should be cooler, but it's not. That's one reason I like running on the hotel treadmill. I'm glad I'm reading about cooler weather in so many places - it gives me hope!

My workouts so far this week: Monday: 8 miles w/4 fast miles with rests. Tuesday: 6 miles. Wednesday: 7 miles with strides. Only 1 1/2 weeks to go before the Maine marathon!


  1. I have definitely done some fun runs in San Antonio! But I've only been there in the winter. Is the Riverwalk too crowded for a run this time of year?

  2. I've walked a lot on the Riverwalk lately, but I skipped running on it this time around - the city seems very crowded right now.

  3. It will be nice and cool in Maine. Can't wait to read about it.

  4. There are definitely times when treadmills are the way to go (as much as I dislike them).
    Hope your taper is not driving you nuts too much.

  5. I have great memories of San Antonio, I went there back when I lived with my godparents in Texas. Such a fun city to discover.

  6. I love San Antonio! Enjoy your time there, and the taper. :)


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