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Great 18 Mile Run

Today I had a primary goal: run 18 miles. I did that!

I also had a secondary goal: run 6 miles at marathon pace just before my cool-down mile. That's the part that I wasn't so sure about.

It was very windy and I was averaging a 10 minute pace until mile 11. Then I jumped on the Memorial Park track thinking that it would be easier to fight the wind in short spurts rather than running into it for a mile or so at a time.

My goal was 8:47 pace or better for 6 miles and I averaged 8:41. It's only a 1/4 mile track and I ran around and around it 23 times! (I ran 1/4 mile off the track.) Finishing those 6 miles felt great because it was a tough workout that I wasn't sure that I could finish.

Today I ate three vanilla Gu gels. Just for fun, I've been experimenting with eating raisins (1/4 cup) or Fig Newtons (2 cookies) in place of a gel packet while running. They work fine. Have you eaten regular food during your runs?

15 Miler & Apple Crumble for 2

I ran 15 miles today. At first, it was cool outside and I didn't have any problems, but after almost two hours, it was warmer and the running got harder so I turned on some music and stopped more often at the water fountains. It's great to be adding on the miles in preparation for the marathon.

Mile 13 seemed to go on forever, but when I figured out that I was almost done, I felt a lot better and picked up the pace for a mile. And then came the lovely, slow cool-down mile, and not too soon!

Temperature: 63-70° F
Running Fuel: (pre-run) Gatorade, bagel with honey; (during) 6 shot bloks; (post-run) chocolate milk
Mile Splits: 9:40, 9:31, 9:05, 8:50, 8:28, 8:53, 9:03, 8:50, 8:55, 8:44, 8:56, 8:54, 9:56, 9:19, 9:58; Average Pace: 9:09/mile

Apple Crumble for Two
I bought some extra apples so that I could make Apple Crumble for Two (Cooking Light recipe) and I really like it. Orange juice sweetens the apples. The recipe makes two small bowlfuls and I ate one already. This is so good…

My Crazy Scale

Oh, the scale... The number goes up. The number comes down. And life goes on. It's not a big deal. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind losing a couple of pounds.

A few days ago, I stepped on the scale and I was finally at my goal weight. After chowing down on cake for a couple of days, it didn't make sense, but I wasn't going to argue with my scale.

A couple of days later, my husband asked me about my weight. I told him that I gained 4 pounds overnight. That seemed high and I carried on and on about how much my weight fluctuates when he finally, finally told me that he'd played with the scale this week, bumping it down a bit and then up four pounds. Are you kidding me? No!

I should have known better - he loves to tease me. The good part is that he's always making me laugh, usually at him, but sometimes at myself, and this time was no different.

I'll tell you one thing - I checked the scale for accuracy before I stepped on it this morning. I'm over my go…

Air Show and 13.1 Miles

When my husband suggested that we go to the Houston air show today, I had no idea that it would be such a fun day. The pilots did fly-bys with breath taking head-on passes. A helicopter flew upside-down and people sky-dived from a plane, too. It was amazing!

The Maine Marathon was 13 days ago. Now I'm training for the Houston Marathon in January and I'm running more miles than usual after a marathon. You never know just how far you can push yourself until you try. The first week after the marathon, I walked a lot and I ran 4 miles. This week, I ran 35 miles.

Before I started yesterday's run, I wasn't sure if I'd do a short run or a longer 13 miler. I wanted to play it by ear and see how I felt. After 6 miles, I decided it was a long run day because I felt great so I took a Gu gel and continued running. During the middle 9 miles, I averaged a 9:28/mile pace, thanks to the cooler temperature of 61-68.

I still felt great when I neared the finish and since I only need…

Mt. Desert Island Drive

Since it was rainy on our second day on Mt. Desert Island (north of Portland, Maine), rather than ride bikes on the carriage roads (roads closed to motor traffic) like we planned, we took a drive across the island and down to the coast with Bass Harbor lighthouse our target.
When we got there, we took a short walk down to the light house. That walk takes you right up to the lighthouse for a close look. Then we saw this other path to the side of the parking lot. If you visit this lighthouse, take this path!

Go down these steps. (See the water?)

And these granite steps, too. 

Because you can get a nice view of the lighthouse from this side with the trees and the water, too.
And the rocks along the water are really something! I skipped the rock fun - not completely recovered from the marathon two days before. I could walk quickly and climbed up the steps without much trouble, but going down the steps was a little uncomfortable. But, worth it, of course!
Except for the rain, I can't …

Bar Harbor, Maine

A couple of hours after finishing the Maine Marathon, my husband and I drove a few hours north to Bar Harbor, which is on Mt. Desert Island. When we got there, we ran through the rain to get ice cream at CJ's Big Dipper ice cream store where I had delicious soft-serve blueberry ice cream. Visiting Maine = eating lots of blueberries! 

The next morning, we drove to Cadillac Mountain. It was interesting to see the fog roll in and out over the mountain. We walked a lot that day - probably good for my legs.

We could see down the mountain when the fog rolled out.  

A pretty drive - water falling over the rocks. The sun came out!

We drove back to Bar Harbor and separated for maybe three minutes when I spotted my husband who bought ice cream without me. I caught up to him and he put a white bag into my hand, full of yummy fudge, both chocolate and blueberry cheesecake fudge, so I forgave him! 

We ate fudge and ice cream and walked along a mile long path along the bay of Bar Harbor.


Maine Marathon Report

Welcome to the blog post in which I tell you everything you wanted to know about the Maine Marathon and more!

Race Date: October 2, 2011

Results: 4:02:44, 96th out of 401 females, 7th out of 46 in 45-49 age group, 13.1 mile gun time: 2:01:30. This was my 2nd fastest marathon, my 11th marathon and my 6th state.

Course: Portland and Falmouth, Maine. Beautiful woods and bays, nice houses, hills and lots of puddles. The uphills made me feel like my lungs would explode and on the downhills I kept thinking, "Don't fall!" - afraid of the slick, steep roads.

Weather: Most of the time when I trained this summer, by the time I neared the end of a long run, I slowed down because of the heat so I'm so glad that it stayed around 53 degrees for the race. I wore a trash bag for the first 3 miles. Just make mine a size 39 - gallons, that is! I didn't need my jacket (or my arm warmers and sun glasses in the pockets!), but I'm glad I wore a hat because it rained the whole time.


Quick Maine Marathon Recap

I had so much fun running this marathon! According to my husband, I looked very happy when I crossed the finish line. It was probably the best moment of the race!
I think my finish time was 4:02:44. (The marathon page says they’re working on corrections, whatever that means.) I started easier than usual and had more energy late in the race than I usually do.
There was constant rain, lots of hills, stopping for a fire truck and running in a trash bag for 3 miles! 
My wifi is terrible at this hotel so I'll post details later.
Thank you for all of your encouraging comments and prayers! It means so much to know that people are rooting for me. : )

Full Maine Marathon Recap

Sideways Bibs, Please!

I'm in Portland, Maine! I went to the expo today and picked up my bib. When you see my race pictures, don't laugh when you see me wearing my bib sideways. We're supposed to! Here's part of the email I received today:

This is going to sound like either a silly request or a practical joke, but we're making an urgent request to all participants to WEAR YOUR BIB TURNED SIDEWAYS. We've discovered a problem with the tags on the back of your bibs that could cause your tag not to be read when you cross the mats if you wear your bib the way your normally would.

Tomorrow we're all going to look funny, but at least we'll all look funny together! ; )

My husband and I drove the race route today. I'm glad we did. It took away some of the unknown about race day. I  like seeing the different styles of houses, the woods and the water, too.  I'm afraid of the hills, though. ; )

Carb loading went okay. I was able to eat at least 300 grams of carbs for 3 days - that…