Air Show and 13.1 Miles

Canadian Forces Snowbirds
When my husband suggested that we go to the Houston air show today, I had no idea that it would be such a fun day. The pilots did fly-bys with breath taking head-on passes. A helicopter flew upside-down and people sky-dived from a plane, too. It was amazing!

The Maine Marathon was 13 days ago. Now I'm training for the Houston Marathon in January and I'm running more miles than usual after a marathon. You never know just how far you can push yourself until you try. The first week after the marathon, I walked a lot and I ran 4 miles. This week, I ran 35 miles.

4 Planes Oh-So-Close To Each Other
Before I started yesterday's run, I wasn't sure if I'd do a short run or a longer 13 miler. I wanted to play it by ear and see how I felt. After 6 miles, I decided it was a long run day because I felt great so I took a Gu gel and continued running. During the middle 9 miles, I averaged a 9:28/mile pace, thanks to the cooler temperature of 61-68.

I still felt great when I neared the finish and since I only needed to run a little more to run a half marathon, that's what I did... I ran a half marathon yesterday!


  1. This year, I've had lots of running between marathons, but I just listen to when my legs are tired. I ran a marathon last weekend adn I'm going to try for 6 today, then 2 weekends of longs runs (10-12?) then taper for San Antonio.

    IT was perfect weather for the airshow- I need to get out there one of these years.

  2. I think the airshow would be really cool, I love planes (well, I'm not a good flyer, but I love the concept :)). Nice job on the 13.1 so soon after your race a couple weeks ago, that's fantastic!!

  3. You are a machine!! A smart one too....listening to your body is the only way to go to avoid injury and continue enjoying w/out burnout.

    I'm not a tad bit less than 2 wks out til Cape Cod, so in full taper mode now :)

    Happy training!

  4. You're definitely diving back in faster than I did, Tina! Good work on the impromptu half. I'll be there in January too! Yay Houston! :^)

  5. awesome tina!! just awesome!! you reallllly inspire me!! so glad you felt great and your back to those fun long runs!

  6. Anonymous10/17/2011

    Hi Tina, it's great to "meet" you. I love your blog.... what an inspiration you are!! As someone who's goal is to achieve her first marathon, I look forward to being a regular reader here.

  7. Anonymous10/17/2011

    PS ~ Zoe is ADORABLE! So cute!!!

  8. Doing very well, Tina! Nice 13 :)

    I have been to a few air shows too and always have a good time.

  9. I love, love, love the airshow! Unfortunately, it's been about 7-8 years since I've been. Maybe next year? Great job on jumping back into the running!


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