Bar Harbor, Maine

Blackwoods Trail in Acadia Nat'l Park
A couple of hours after finishing the Maine Marathon, my husband and I drove a few hours north to Bar Harbor, which is on Mt. Desert Island. When we got there, we ran through the rain to get ice cream at CJ's Big Dipper ice cream store where I had delicious soft-serve blueberry ice cream. Visiting Maine = eating lots of blueberries! 

The next morning, we drove to Cadillac Mountain. It was interesting to see the fog roll in and out over the mountain. We walked a lot that day - probably good for my legs.

We could see down the mountain when the fog rolled out.  

A pretty drive - water falling over the rocks. The sun came out!

We drove back to Bar Harbor and separated for maybe three minutes when I spotted my husband who bought ice cream without me. I caught up to him and he put a white bag into my hand, full of yummy fudge, both chocolate and blueberry cheesecake fudge, so I forgave him! 

We ate fudge and ice cream and walked along a mile long path along the bay of Bar Harbor.

Seeing the woods meet the water - what a view! 

Sunshine and flowers!

Later that day, we drove to Sand Beach. There were a lot of steps down to the beach. Walking down steps one day after a hilly marathon is painful and slow. 

But it was worth it! We walked along the beach and back up the stairs, which was easier for me than going down.

We ended the day with dinner at Poor Boy's Gourmet. (Make reservations and go before 6PM to save $.) I had read the lobster was good there, but we had lobster earlier that day so we split some chicken fettuccine. It was a good ending to our first day in Bar Harbor.

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  1. Very pretty! Acadia NP is on my list of places to see :)

  2. Love, love, love your pictures! It's been some time since we've been to Acadia and really miss it. When we did, we camped on the fjord and it was breathtaking.

    Very courageous taking those steps post-marathon - WOW!

    Off topic: My husband was bouncing around the idea of Houston Marathon at some point. Hmmmmm.....

  3. Such beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing them. I love being able to travel all over the world via all the lovely photos. And of course Eric wouldn't forget you - fudge and ice cream, YUM! How are the legs feeling? You've done a nice bit of walking which should help them out. I still can't believe you ran in the rain in a tank top! It makes me shiver just thinking about it! Keep the pics coming.... and the food reports!:-)

  4. Amanda, 2 Lisa's & K- It was beautiful on Mt. Desert Island. It was hard to choose only a few photos to post on my blog.

    K- I ran 8 miles today - 8 days out from the marathon. My legs feel really good!

  5. Love the pics. I have still never been to Mt. Desert Island. I am going to enjoy these posts.
    And the fudge sounds wonderful.

  6. BEAUTIFUL photos!
    And nice work on all that hiking and stair-descending right after a marathon!

  7. So gorgeous there. I really have the travel bug. It's nice living through your blog, Tina :)


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