Mt. Desert Island Drive

Somes Sound Area
Since it was rainy on our second day on Mt. Desert Island (north of Portland, Maine), rather than ride bikes on the carriage roads (roads closed to motor traffic) like we planned, we took a drive across the island and down to the coast with Bass Harbor lighthouse our target.

Follow Me Down the Must-do Path
When we got there, we took a short walk down to the light house. That walk takes you right up to the lighthouse for a close look. Then we saw this other path to the side of the parking lot. If you visit this lighthouse, take this path!

Go down these steps. (See the water?)

And these granite steps, too. 

Because you can get a nice view of the lighthouse from this side with the trees and the water, too.

My Husband Jumping Over Rocks
And the rocks along the water are really something! I skipped the rock fun - not completely recovered from the marathon two days before. I could walk quickly and climbed up the steps without much trouble, but going down the steps was a little uncomfortable. But, worth it, of course!

Moss-covered Ground
Except for the rain, I can't think of a thing I'd change about our vacation. On the other hand, since Texas needs rain so badly, that's changed my perspective on rain. I appreciate it more. It makes Maine beautiful and green.

Driving By a River in Acadia Nat'l Park

On the way home, we flew into Newark, NJ, and saw New York City, the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty from the plane! So many firsts on this trip - our first trip to Maine!

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic trip!

  2. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!

  3. Love all the greens and the moss forest.

  4. Would you just love to live on that lighthouse? How gorgeous!! My mom passed away many, many, many years ago but her last vacation was to Arcadia NP...this post made me smile as it reminded me of her :).

  5. You take some great vacations! I love the photos. And all the firsts.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to hurry and book my next vacation.

  7. Your hair looks so pretty on the pic on the 'Must Do Path'. Stunningly beautiful area - such a different landscape from where either of us lives. Too bad you had so much rain while on the trip, but, like you said, coming from a drought plagued area, it was a new perspective and probably refreshing. Looks like you had a fantastic trip, AGAIN! 'Cept, no food photos on this post???!!! :-)

  8. What a fun trip. And so beautiful!!

    And I know how those post marathon days are when it comes to stairs. It's the only time I want a one-story house =)

  9. Beautiful and great pics as usual!

  10. I'm running the Mount Desert Island marathon tomorrow! Sorry for being late to the party in sending congratulations your way for the Maine Marathon. That was a great performance! I would be happy to get that time tomorrow!

  11. i just LOVE your blog!! it's like two in one faves - running and traveling! LOVE IT! maine is just gorgeous in all seasons and you captured it so well in these pics!!


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