My Crazy Scale

Blue Bench in Bar Harbor, Maine (Much prettier than my scale!)
Oh, the scale... The number goes up. The number comes down. And life goes on. It's not a big deal. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind losing a couple of pounds.

A few days ago, I stepped on the scale and I was finally at my goal weight. After chowing down on cake for a couple of days, it didn't make sense, but I wasn't going to argue with my scale.

A couple of days later, my husband asked me about my weight. I told him that I gained 4 pounds overnight. That seemed high and I carried on and on about how much my weight fluctuates when he finally, finally told me that he'd played with the scale this week, bumping it down a bit and then up four pounds. Are you kidding me? No!

I should have known better - he loves to tease me. The good part is that he's always making me laugh, usually at him, but sometimes at myself, and this time was no different.

I'll tell you one thing - I checked the scale for accuracy before I stepped on it this morning. I'm over my goal weight by a couple of pounds. That's okay, though, maybe he figured out a sneaky way to adjust the scale again.

Next Post: Revenge of the Wife

Not really! : )

Recent workouts:
11/17: 10 miles with 4 miles of hills (preparing for overpasses and underpasses in Houston Marathon)
11/18: 4 easy miles
11/19: 9 miles with 4 miles @ 10 Mile-1/2 Marathon Pace (Thanks to cool temps, I averaged 8:14 pace!)


  1. Ha! My husband has a very similar sense of humor! After teasing/playing a trick on me, he usually states, "You'd think something was wrong if I didn't tease you!". He's right :)

    Great runs for so soon after Maine Marathon!!!

  2. That is too funny about the scales, but I don't think I'd find such a joke humorous at all! Glad you can laugh about it :)

  3. Those darn scales....they make no sense at times!

    Gotta love the fun with your husband playing with you! I don't think mine would think of such a thing....

  4. if my husband did that to me, i'm not sure I would have found it funny....

  5. We have the coolest scale. It has a setting for me and one for my hubby. He doesn't know how to adjust it so I'm safe :)
    I rarely weigh myself because our weight does fluctuate. My gage is how good I feel in my clothes and remembering I went on a salt binge the day before, I'll feel puffy and full.
    Keep in mind, the scale NEVER tells you the truth which is YOU LOOK GREAT! :)

    You did some AWESOME training this week. Good for you. I read about my upcoming marathon, Philadelphi and learned it's not as flat and fast as I thought. Bummer. Now I'm afraid. YikeS!

  6. Hi everyone, just wanted to reassure you that I've completely recovered from my husband's last joke!

    Joanne, something I learned while running the Maine Marathon: don't believe anyone who tells you you're on your last hill!

  7. Well, you took that pretty well with the scale. I'm glad you were able to laugh about it. So glad you are running well!

  8. LOL, I'd bap my hubby on the head for a trick like that! :-)


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