Quick Maine Marathon Recap

I Just Finished My 11th Marathon!

I had so much fun running this marathon! According to my husband, I looked very happy when I crossed the finish line. It was probably the best moment of the race!

I think my finish time was 4:02:44. (The marathon page says they’re working on corrections, whatever that means.) I started easier than usual and had more energy late in the race than I usually do.

There was constant rain, lots of hills, stopping for a fire truck and running in a trash bag for 3 miles! 

My wifi is terrible at this hotel so I'll post details later.

Thank you for all of your encouraging comments and prayers! It means so much to know that people are rooting for me. : )

Full Maine Marathon Recap


  1. Awesome Tina - Congratulations on another fantastic marathon!!! Can't wait to read the details.

  2. Awesome! Congrats- sounds like a tough race, but you had a great time :)

  3. CONGRATS!!! Great job!!! Looking forward to the race report. :)

  4. Congratulations on #11, that is fantastic and so glad you felt so strong - and happy - at the end!

  5. Wahoo!!! Way to go. What a great time. Be grateful for rain- so many people around where I live ran the St. George, UT marathon in 90 degrees this weekend. People were dropping like flies and so many ended up puking with heat exhaustian. I will look forward to a full recap soon. Rest up!

  6. You do look happy in your picture! Great job!

  7. Great job, Tina! Hills, rain, trash bag?! and you still rocked it! Way to go.

  8. Yay you!!! Catching up on some blog reading, so hope to find your full report soon.

    Finishing is never a given, so finishing with a smile is such a gift!

  9. Great job, Tina! I thought of you on race day!

  10. Great finish time! I was thinking of you that morning!!

    The sideways bib is hardly noticeable with that honking HUGE medal!! :))


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