Running with My Dog

My Running Buddy, Zoe, the Weimaraner
I was so happy to finish today's three mile run pain-free! I haven't been able to run much for the last two weeks and I've missed it.

Recent runs:
11/4: 10 miles. My ankle felt painfully tight, as though a rubber band was tied around it. It hurt to flex my toes toward my knee. This happened last year, too, but went away quickly.
11/7: .31 mile. I walked home when my ankle hurt.
11/10: .15 mile on the treadmill. I stopped when it hurt.
11/14: I ran 5.56 miles, until my ankle hurt.

Since the Maine marathon on October 2, I've run one 18 miler. With only 8 weeks until the Houston marathon, I'm wondering how few miles I can run to prepare for it. I hope I'll be able to run two more long runs before the marathon.

I ran with Zoe today. To train her not to pull on the Gentle Leader leash, I tell her, "Zoe, slow" and give a quick pull on the leash. She's had a summer running break, but after a couple of reminder runs, she usually improves. At least we don't step on each other's feet anymore!


  1. Sorry to hear of your ankle woes. It's amazing how little mileage we really can do (as long as we don't psyche ourselves out) and make it to the Start Line. I hope you're healed up in no time.

    Aw, Zoe's beautiful :)

  2. Didn't know you had a weim! She's beautiful :)

    GL with the outdoor running and healing up

  3. Tina, we hope your ankle improves quickly. Any idea as to what causes it to flare up? No fun to feel sidelined with a big race looming on the horizon. Nice to see Zoe having fun with her mom! :-)

  4. HappyTrails, probably the usual: too many miles too soon. Or it could have been the trail run. I slightly twisted my ankle a couple of times (it didn't hurt much and I ignored it).

  5. hope that ankle is better REALLY fast! I'm sure you are icing it, like crazy, I know I would be....

  6. Ginny, thanks for the ice reminder! I'll do that now.

  7. Sorry to hear about your ankle. I am by no means an expert, but I think you'll need a pain-free ankle much more than a few extra miles to successfully complete your next marathon... good luck and don't feel guilty if you need to rest!

  8. Take care of that ankle and you will do great!

  9. yikes!! i sure hope your ankle heals well. and soon! sounds like you are taking the best measurements with rest and backing off when you feel the pain.
    your dog is just sooooo cute!!!

  10. Hope the ankle is feeling better!!

  11. Hope your ankle feels better!

  12. Sounds like you made a good call to cut the runs short. Get well!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


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