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Houston's Memorial Park Bike Trail
Monday (10/31): I ran 11 miles. After doing hillwork on the park bridge, my husband showed up on his bike (we live just a few blocks from the park) and we went over to the park bike trails, my favorite local place to run.

I hopped over roots and around trees where the trail is narrow, finding the best place to plant my feet and looking out for branches. My husband said I run the trails faster than I bike them. That's sounds bad for my biking ability, but good for my running.

Tuesday: 8 miles on the treadmill (TM) because it was dark outside. Need treadmill motivation? Read Train for a Marathon Indoors.

Wednesday: 11 miles back at the park on the mostly flat trail, as usual. I was tired the second half, maybe because it was a warm 70°. Happiness is pulling out your Fig Newton cookies and finding them in one piece!

Thursday: Easy 5 miles on the TM before heading to the doctor for my annual exam - 2 1/2 vials of blood taken. We'll see if upping my vitamin D intake to 2000 a day helped. (Update: I don't feel any different, but my test results are good so taking extra D has been helpful.)

Friday(today): 42°! Loved that, but I shortened my long run to just 10 miles - my ankle felt funny. It's probably nothing, but I'm icing it.


  1. You really impress me with your mileage. I'm rooting for your 2012 BQ!

  2. Those are some miles! Wow! Great work!

  3. I'm also impressed with your mileage!

  4. Take care of that ankle!

    Love the comment your hubby made. Haha! Sounds like me on the bike...:)

  5. Sounds like you have some nice off-road trails to run and train on, which is less stressful than pounding the roads. Apart from preliminary races all my marathon training was over hilly off-road routes. I was flying when I came back down to tarmac - so hope you are too.
    Hope your ankle is OK now.

  6. Great mileage! Love the article on training on the treadmill. I do like running on the treadmill. However, I enjoy running outside once in a while too.

  7. Great training. I have to do a lot of my training on the TM...unfortunately I hate it.

  8. hope rest does your ankle well :)

    you're getting some good agility skills running the trails!! yay!!!

  9. Wow! What a great training week, and that trail is beautiful - love that picture!

  10. looks like a great week!
    hope your ankle is okay.


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