16 Miles & PB GU

Today I ran 16 miles (9:27/mi. ave.) with 4 "faster" miles (8:41/mi. ave.) towards the end in order to train my body to run faster when I'm tired. (I hope it's learning!) I hope to do a 20 mile run next week and then I'll start my two week taper. Today's 16 went by quickly. It's nice when you're enjoying your time out there and not counting down the miles, just dreaming of when you'll be finished. 

I ate a GU gel at mile 5 and then at 10, too. I tried the new peanut butter GU today. It's good if you like slightly sweetened peanut butter, which I do. It tastes like PB with honey.

It was windy, cloudy and a little cool (50°) today so I was glad that I topped my short sleeved shirt with a long sleeved one so that I could change depending on how cool I was out there. I was comfortable in shorts. If you come to Houston for the marathon from a colder location, I think you'd burn up in anything more than shorts (unless a blizzard blows in), but I see runners bundled up all of the time when I'm in shorts and a tank, so what do I know?!

Recent running:
Thursday: off
Wednesday: 9 miles w/ 4 x 1200m (pace 7:54-8:14) w/ 2 min rest
Tuesday: 9 miles easy
Monday: 10 miles at 9:27 ave.
Sunday: off
Saturday: 24 miles. My blister is healing! 

(I want to run 6 miles tomorrow for a total of 50 miles this week.)

Photo: Grand Canyon Trip (Nov. 2011) (Yeah, I'm still using photos from that trip. We took a bunch and they're better than a photo of my gel or my blister!)

Merry Christmas!


  1. I think I would like PB GU too, sounds yummy!

  2. Ooh, I might be trying a new GU flavor soon :)

    I'm with you on the Grand Canyon....can't get enough of it.

    I love the "faster later miles" strategy. It's so hard, but I think so helpful.

  3. Wow! Good distance. I haven't done that in a while. Never tried PB GU. I'll have to look for it. My fave is chocolate mint!
    My Running Shortz

  4. Chocolate mint is my favorite, too!

  5. Great pacing - almost 3 weeks until the big day! I can't wait to run outside in shorts again (wearing thermals for my 22 in the snow tomorrow). Hoorah for negative splits!!!

  6. Great run! Not a PB fan but I've heard this new GU flavor is good.

  7. Your paces are great and you're doing so well nailing the negative splits. I think Houston is going to be a wonderful race for you.

    And you're right about the clothes. Coming from here, I think shorts, unless the weather is like it was in '97 (freezing rain and 20s in Houston--it was my first marathon and I knew NOTHING about how to dress for that).

  8. pb gu is yummy!!! catching up on your blog...


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