18 Miles & Houston Pasta

Only days ago I was hiking around the beautiful Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado, while wearing my warm coat and gloves. Quite a contrast from today! I ran around Memorial Park in a skirt and tank top. It was mostly sunny and 45-60°.

I ran 18 miles with a 9:10 average pace and ran the first 6 miles with my dog. I ran negative splits (I like the challenge) with a one mile cool down and ate a Powerbar gel at miles 5, 10 and 15, like I plan to at the Houston marathon in 2 weeks. Even though I was a little cold and even a little hot, I had a great run! Now, it's taper time!

Someone found my blog by searching for: 5 mile run with dog and chicken broth! I just can't figure out the connection of the dog and the broth (!), but speaking of food...

Pasta Brio (1/2 serving is $10)
Do you need pasta recommendations for your pre-Houston Marathon meal? There's Brio where I ate today, but it's a little far from the marathon course. There's an Olive Garden which is a little closer. There are a couple of OG's even closer, but the one at 9750 Katy Freeway (aka I-10) is in a good location (in front of Academy Sports and HEB grocery, in case you need anything) and I don't know about the others.

Even closer to the route, last year I ate pasta at Carabba's, where I usually order a half serving. There's also a Maggiano's on Post Oak, right on the marathon route. And last of all, there's a Spaghetti Warehouse, which might be good if you're on a budget, unless you can't find a parking space and have to pay for one! When I'm traveling for a race, where to eat is always a big unknown!


  1. Nice run today! Good practice in fueling too :)

    That search thing on the blogs is too funny sometimes. I have had one for "Galen Rupp Girlfriend" lol

    Happy New Year to you Tina!

  2. Your long runs seem so consistent - great job! And nice of you to make some restaurant suggestions for most of us who aren't from there.

    Now I just wish I was running Houston! Maybe next year...

  3. Sounds like an awesome run -- great pics, too!
    My Running Shortz

  4. I just hope I can finish somewhere in your vicinity in Houston! Hope I get to meet you.

    We are eating at Mia Bella Trattoria downtown (recommended by some good friends in who live in Houston). All I ask is plain white pasta with red sauce. :^)

  5. you are SO ready for this race in two weeks! how nice it will be since it's so close to home!! can't wait to hear all about it! your running is fantastic!!

  6. Terzah, I walked to an Italian restaurant from the race area once, but I can't remember if it was Mia Bella Trattoria. That will be convenient if you're staying near the race starting line!

  7. Great run! Good suggestions for eating, too!


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