Grand Canyon Hiking & Running

Greetings from the Grand Canyon! My husband and I vacationed for a couple of days there after visiting Zion National Park.

In the mornings, I got up and ran on the canyon rim trail. Most of my running has been hilly while on vacation, but hiking seems to work the soreness out. It was cold - in the 20's in the mornings, but I warmed up quickly. I took a very short run (.6 mile) on the steep Bright Angel Trail, just for fun. The most exciting part was seeing four elk on the rim trail when I was alone. I stopped running, called my husband on my cell phone to tell him how big they were and they slowly passed me by. Phew!

After I ran, we hiked for hours (perfect hiking weather) and took lots of rest breaks.

And just hung around the park!

This was one of my favorite parts of our hikes - close to the rim!

El Tovar Decorated for Christmas

We ended our vacation stargazing before turning in at the El Tovar Hotel, built in 1905. The floors were uneven. They felt funny to walk on first thing in the morning when you're kind of drowsy! 

It was a  fun vacation! I ran 15 miles yesterday here at home and five miles with my dog today. I'm running fewer miles than I had planned, but they're pain-free and I'm excited about running the marathon in January.


  1. Sounds like a great trip! Great photos! I plan to go o the Grand Canyon next year.

  2. What a phenomenal trip! We saw the Grand Canyon last June for the first time via white water rafting. So I've only seen the canyon from looking UP :)

    Also, such a great way to jazz up your running by being able to run in different states, road/trail types, seeing different things/animals/etc.

  3. You saw the elk! So cool!! They ARE big :)

    What a beautiful place to run, even if it's cold. The hotel looks pretty with the lights.

    Sounds like you will be ready for January. Glad you are pain-free!

  4. Looked like an amazing vacation! Glad to hear you are pain-free! Should be an exciting year for the Houston Marathon with the Olympic trials!

  5. Hooray for running pain free! That's great even if the miles logged aren't as many as you would like.

  6. Great shots! We were in the GC this weekend & I was totally thinking about you :)

  7. What a great vacation! It's so beautiful there and your hike sounds fantastic!

  8. Sounds like you'd a great time hiking and running in that wonderful wild expanse. Glad you'd a fun time and got home pain-free and rarin' to go. Good luck in your forthcoming marathon.

  9. It looks beautiful! We sent my parents on a trip there for their 25th anniversary. It was one of my Mom's bucket list items! Cheers to pain free running!

  10. Awesome pictures, looks like a super fun trip! Thanks for sharing!

  11. SOO beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    And I am happy to hear you are pain free - that is wonderful!

  12. just gorgeous pictures! i would LOVE to go there one day and experience the beauty of it all! your pictures are making me move it up on the list!!;)

    SO glad the elk were of no harm! i don't know how fast they can run but glad they walked by you slowly! i bet that was just a sight to see though!


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