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20 Mile Holiday Run

20 miles at 9:57/mile pace, about a minute slower than marathon goal pace. Most of the run went well. My average at 15 miles was 9:45, but the last few miles were slow because...My stomach hurt off and on from about mile 16. My dog ran with me towards the end. It was good to have a distraction. Sick! Unfortunately, after the run I vomited - that's a first. Nearly 70* when I finished - dehydrated? Maybe I should have had Gatorade in addition to my gels. No cramping though. Hmm... Dunno, except that I took 3 gels that I don't usually use. Update: I recently started taking an iron supplement and sometimes that causes vomiting and headaches, which I had.I feel much better now. I think some peppermint ice cream might help, though! Merry Christmas to you and happy new year! Somebody decorated a Memorial Park bench for Christmas. How nice!How much slower than marathon pace do you run easy-paced long runs?
I ran today's run a minute slower. Do you plan to make a special Christmas d…

16 Mile Long Run

I ran 16 miles today. With the Hanson's plan, you run long runs a little slower than marathon pace, but training fast to race fast makes sense to me so that's what I did. My average pace for the run was 9:00/mile. I ran the first three easy and then I ran the last 13 miles faster. My marathon goal pace is about 8:55.

Thankfully,  I saw some speedsters on the trail at mile 3 and I just tried to hang on. It was a little harder to keep pushing myself when they stopped running, but at mile 11, I saw another speedster and I tried to catch up. By the way, I follow from a distance so that I don't bother my pacers! ; )

Food in Belize

We recently went on a trip to Belize. The photo is of a fruit stand in San Pedro, Belize, where I stopped for golden plums and pepitas. Golden plums are stringy so you'll need dental floss after you eat one to get the strings out of your teeth, but they were fun to try. We ate mango and pineapple, too. On our trip to the Mayan ruins, we ate chicke…

16 Mile Long Run

Yesterday, I ran 5 easy miles and then I ran the last 11 miles at a pace under 9:00 for 10 miles. There was one slow mile in there that I ran at 9:01, my average for the whole run. That's just 3 seconds per mile slower than I need for a BQ or a 3:55 marathon finish. It wasn't an easy run because I was pushing the pace, but I came close to meeting my pace goals so it was a good run.

I ate sourdough toast with honey before the run and I ate GU gels at miles 5 (no caffeine) and 10 ( a caffeinated one - 20 mg). I don't know if caffeine makes a difference for me, but here's an article that says that it helps.  I do think that the pleasant weather helped. It was only about 60* with overcast skies and there was a break from the humidity.

I listened to music during the run, which made running round and round the 3 mile loop at Memorial Park less boring. I usually see "regular" runners and walkers along the way, which makes it feel more like a small town even though …


I took a trip to Central America last week. My husband and I took a plane and a boat ride and arrived on Ambergris Caye, an island in Belize. The top photo was taken during a flight on a small plane from the island to Belize City where we got on another plane to return to Houston.

While in Belize, we took a boat ride to the Lamanai Mayan Temple. The temple was in the rain forest and we saw wild crocodiles, iguanas, and bats. My husband even gave a monkey a banana. In the next photo, I'm climbing down the steep stairs after climbing to the top of the temple. I was thankful for the rope to hang onto.

We rode a jet ski a couple of times. The water was a beautiful turquoise.

I ran along the beach with thatched huts and boats. I stopped along the way and watched the fish swimming in the clear water.

 We stayed at the Mata Rocks Hotel and the next photo was taken from our patio, close to the ocean. In the mornings, we saw dolphins in the water from our patio.

I was surprised at how pea…

20 Mile Run

I went ahead and ran 20 miles today.  I needed to get in a lot of miles early in the week and I wanted to be sure that I could still run 20 miles.

This was my eighth straight day of running and I had heavy legs for the first 7 miles. The good part is that I was reminded that I can keep running even when it's uncomfortable for oh, let's just say, "Hours!" Now I have that good kind of soreness that comes from running long.

Pre-run: pumpkin pancakes and banana; During: 3 GU gels (mint chocolate! & vanilla) and 20 oz. Gatorade

60 Mile Week

Daily Miles:

Mon: 12 with 8@MP, tough run 
Tue: 7 easy
Wed: 8 easy, too warm for anything faster 
Thanksgiving Day: 16 (Long run); Pre-run: pumpkin pancakes; During: 2 Powerbar gels. I'm loosely following a Hansons Training Plan for the marathon with its shorter long runs. My goal was to run the last 6 miles at MP (marathon pace), but I could only run the last 4 at MP. My first mile was 10:29/mi. pace and the last was 8:49/mi. pace. Although it's cooler, I'm not easily speeding up like I thought that I would. This plan seems harder than my usual training so maybe that's the reason.
Fri: 7 easy
Sat: 10 w/6x1600m and 800m rests, another tough day, missed my pace goals again

Strength Training: 2 times. I found a new plank variation to try. It's tough!

Healthy Eating: I tried spaghetti squash this week. It's interesting how it comes out like noodles.I also had my share of pumpkin pie this week. That's okay, pumpkin is good for you. : )

Running with Dogs: In case you'…

26.2 in 8 Weeks

The Houston Marathon will be here before I know it! Here's how I trained for it this week.

Daily Miles: Mon: 12 (7 at MP), Tue: 6 easy, Wed: 10 (9:31/mi. ave.), Thur: 10 (9:25/mi. ave.), Fri: 8 easy, Sat: 10 (6x800: slow/tired). There were no long runs in my plans for this week, but maybe running 10 miles two days in a row made up for it.

Total Miles: 56. For 4 weeks, I've increased my miles about 3 miles per week.

Strength Training: 2 times. I tried something new at Prevention.

Music: While strength training, I enjoyed listening to Enya on Pandora.

Healthy Eating: I made lentils for the first time this week. I cooked them in chicken broth with a sprinkle of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Simple and good!

What I Wore: It's still shorts weather in Houston (about 50* when I run), but sometimes I wear gloves the first couple of miles.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hanson's Tempo Run

I'm loosely following one of the Hanson's Marathon Training Plans to train for the Houston Marathon. The main difference between this and other plans that I've used is that it tops out at 16 miles.

The Hanson's Tempo Run, like I did today, is run at marathon pace. Today I ran 8 miles close to marathon goal pace with a 2 mile warm up and cool down for a total of 12 miles. The first mile was my slowest and I missed my goal for this mile, but the run became easier the farther I ran.  Of course, knowing the end is closer helps! I ate a strawberry banana GU gel at mile 6.

I started 12 weeks out from the marathon and there are 9 weeks to go. In the upcoming training weeks, I'll have to wait and see how much I trust the idea of maxing out at 16 miles instead of 20. It's kind of fun to try something new for my 13th marathon.

This & That

Today I ran 8 miles at Memorial Park. After a warm-up, I ran 3 x 1 mile at a faster pace with 4 minute rests. It felt great to finish the final fast mile. The workout seemed to go by fast because I was really focused for three miles. Exercise may suppress your appetite - I think that's true because whenever I finish running a marathon, I'm never hungry. Of course, it's a good idea to eat/drink something when you're done running and you're hungry, but I have to be careful about the rewards when I'm not hungry. Either that or I'll be buying bigger pants.I need to try the holiday-flavored teas like Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane soon - cold weather is expected in Houston. Here's a coupon for $1 off 2.

26.2 in 9 Weeks

Monday- 10.5 miles with 8 miles @8:43 ave or marathon goal pace. My MGP is between 8:47 and 8:55 for a goal of 3:50 or 3:55.

Tuesday- 6.5 miles. My husband and I went out for a special dinner at the Brazilian restaurant Chama Gauchas. You flip a card to one side or the other depending on whether you'd like them to bring you more delicious meat. My favorite was the bacon wrapped chicken.

Wednesday- 8 miles.

New shoe delivery! They are ASICS GT 2170 and cost about $80 with Running 10% off coupon code: GottaRunNow. They felt nicely cushioned like I was running on a mattress. Do you have a favorite discount shoe store?

Thursday- 15 miles @ 9:24 ave. The goal was to run 45-60 seconds slower than goal MP or about 9:30-9:50.

I was low on energy at mile 2. I guess the oatmeal I ate didn't cut it. I stopped to pour some Gatorade into my water bottle and couldn't open the foil package. Water didn't help at all. At mile 3, I borrowed some scissors at the small store at…

50 Mile Week

3 things I'm thankful for this week... I ran 50 miles. I tried a new recipe for Sweet Potato Pancakes.I voted for the next U.S. president.  
Monday, I ran 9 miles with 7 marathon goal paced miles. I need to get used to that pace - only 10 weeks until the Houston Marathon! After that workout and my recent 5K race, I noticed that I was sore so I kept my running nice and easy until Friday. 

On Friday, I ran 13 miles at a 9:55 average pace, which was about a minute slower than my marathon goal pace. I ate a Gu gel at mile 5 with water and drank 20 oz. of Gatorade throughout the run. I like using the small packets of Gatorade powder that mix with 20 oz. of water in my 10 oz. Nathan bottles at the park with water fountains. 
I had 2 hard runs and 4 easy runs this week, with a nice 8 mile run today. I saw a lot of butterflies.
Pancake recipe tips: I cut the sugar in 1/2, added 1/4 c.milk, and used whole milk. Delicious!

Lemm's 5K Race

What a great morning! I ran in a 5K race. It took place at a small park north of Houston. Yesterday it was warm, but today we had great racing weather. It was chilly at the start - about 50*. 

I thought I might look at my watch every now and then, but I was so busy looking where I was going that I only had time to check it once. It didn't matter, though - I just ran at a hard effort the entire way. 

My husband was my "race photographer". It was great to see him and to hear him cheer me forward when I wanted to stop.  I loved the big trees and the lakes. There were a few short hills, which made it more fun than a flat course, and we ran on asphalt and gravel trails.
After the race,  they gave us oranges and cookies and, surprisingly, even avocados. I've never been given avocados at a race before. That was great! 
5K Chip Time: 24:53

Garmin: Split Time Distance Avg Pace Summary24:59.53.167:55

10 Miler & Good Links

I ran a 10 mile progression run today. That made the run fun because I had multiple challenges as I went along, trying to speed up by 15 seconds per mile every 3 miles. I came pretty close to my goals. The cooler morning helped.I ate a Powerbar gel at mile 5 and 2 dates at mile 9. 
How Ritz Carbo Loads - "Last-minute dietary machinations can’t make up for poor training, but smart choices in the last 48 hours can help you get the most from your pre-marathon mileage." I might incorporate some of these ideas like drinking Gatorade days before the race. 
Three Heart-Rate Monitor Mistakes Everyone Makes - "As with any piece of equipment, there is a right way to use a heart rate monitor, and there are numerous possible mistakes you can make with it." I don't know all of the ins and outs of the HRM, but I wear mine to gauge my effort. 
Milk Fat Does a Body Good - “The fats in whole dairy foods are highly complex and may contain beneficial ingredients.” That's why I u…

Donuts at Memorial Park

You never know what a day will bring! Like I do almost every day, I was running the three mile loop at Memorial Park when I saw something I've never seen before - a Krispy Kreme donut bus. Was I dreaming? I haven't had a Krispy Kreme donut since I visited Paddington Station in London over a year ago. Unbelievably, we don't have a store in Houston.

I stopped to find out that Krispy Kreme is on a 75th birthday tour and was giving away free donuts. I ran around the loop a couple more times and then I stopped for a donut and some Krispy Kreme lip balm, too.

I stood there eating my donut and wondering if I should ask someone to take my photo so that I could put it on my blog. That's when a Houston Chronicle photographer, Johnny Hanson, asked if he could take my picture and even took a picture of me with my camera for my blog. Note: looks like I didn't make the paper, but that's okay.

After eating the donut, I ran 2 more miles. In case you're wondering about mix…

Running This Week

Monday was so nice in Houston. I ran in 55 degree weather! I ran about 13 1/2 miles. I ran the middle 10 miles at a hard effort.

Tuesday was an easy 7 1/2 mile day.

Wednesday, I was dripping sweat like normal again - 70*. I ran 11 miles with a 2400m hard effort and 10 x .15mi with 1 minute rests which broke up what might have otherwise been a boring run and taught my legs to run while tired - very tired! Since it was warm, I thought that short spurts would be more doable than longer ones.

Friday, I ran 16 miles. It was about 80* and warm so I broke up my run with short, hard efforts again. This time I ran 6 easy miles, 5 miles of 1 minute hard/1 minute easy, 1 mile easy, 2 miles hard, 1 miles easy. I had  a berry Powerbar gel w/caffeine at mile 11 and drank 40 oz. Gatorade.

Today, I ran 7 miles nice and easy. The easy runs are nice if you've run hard recently.

13 Mile Run, Short Run & Links

Yesterday's 13 miler certainly beat last Tuesday's 12 miler when I fell. Surprisingly, my scraped arm hurts a little when I run and jostle it, but it's not too bad. I ran a 10:01/mile average pace and ate a Gu gel at miles 5 and 9 to keep up my energy. After running ten miles, I went home to get my Weimaraner, Zoe, so she could run, too.

Today I ran an easy 8 miles at a 10:22 pace. I'm eating my post-run whole wheat pancakes now. Yum!

This and That:
Study Shows Eating Beets Improves Running- I'm glad I like beets!
Eat Full-fat Cheese- I usually eat full-fat dairy foods.
Sweat Science: Optimal Carbohydrate Dose for Endurance- Try everything before race day, though!

Thank you for all of the kind comments left on my last post! Happy running!

3 Good Things About Today's Run

While I was running down the road at Memorial Park, I started to get off of the road when I saw two cars coming down the road and somehow I fell down - maybe I tripped on one of my dog's paws. When I stood back up, I noticed that one of the drivers had stopped and waited to see if I was okay. I thought that was really nice. We waved at each other and I ran home (half a mile). I have a minor hip bruise and my arm has a major road scrape. My husband was so impressed that he took a picture of my bloody arm. I can still run so I'm happy. You know you're a runner when all you care about is whether you can run or not after you fall!Before I fell, I ran an 11.5 mile progression run fueled by 3 dates and a few pretzels. I started out slowly while thinking that there was little chance that I could speed up later because it's still warm outside. I tried to speed up anyway and somehow I ran negative splits.

Green Smoothie & Fuel Belt

I heard an ultrarunner say that he doesn't lift weights, but that instead he uses his arms when he runs rather than just let them hang. When I finished running, I noticed tired arms today, and everything else was kind of tired, too, partly because it was warm today - humid and 70-80*. I finished today's 12.5 mile run with a green smoothie. So far, my favorite green combo is yogurt, spinach, frozen banana and canned pineapple chunks (the juice, too). The pineapple is required!

I have a new new hydration belt - the BCG brand fuel belt from Academy ($18). My requirements for belts: no bounce and a big pocket - my phone is 5" x 2.5". I took out the small 8 oz. bottles the belt came with and used my 10 oz. Nathan bottles instead. The belt was too long so I knotted it on the waist band to shorten it. Other than that, it works! (This doesn't beat my Nathan fuel belt, but I needed a 2 bottle belt.)

Recently, I tried an Ultimate Direction Access single water bottle belt,…

Running at the Park/Quinoa

This is part of my usual running route at Memorial Park with some pretty purple wild flowers. This was taken on a quiet, rainy day.
Monday I ran 12 miles and ate 2 yummy Gu gels - peanut butter and chocolate outrage. The next day I ran 8 easy miles. My dog joined me for 2. Today I ran 10 with 6 faster miles. Although I usually run alone, there are usually lots of runners at the park. The other day, I tried to keep up with some Army runners who were doing a timed test. All three runners passed me, but I was able to keep one in sight. He looked like he was doing an easy run, but Iwas not! When I'm trying to run fast, it helps to try to keep up with the speedsters!

This is a salad I ate at America's this week. It was so good that I had to take a picture of it so that I would remember how to make it. On a bed of mixed greens was quinoa, grilled chicken, red peppers, tomatoes, pineapple, papaya, cheese and lemon vinaigrette. You could easily make something similar and just use wha…

Treadmill: 24 Mile Run

Today I ran 24 miles on my treadmill. It's still too hot to do a long run outside. The nice thing about being at home is that you can stop whenever you want. After eating raisins and pretzels for the first half of my run, I felt myself dragging just a bit and went into the kitchen to get a blackberry Gu gel. Then at mile 17, it felt like my toe nail was hitting the front of my shoe so I took a toe nail trimming break to take care of that.

I'm surprised at how little I ate today- one gel, 1/4 cup raisins, a handful or two of pretzels and a cup of Nuun. I figure that's about as many calories as 3 gels and is equivalent to a gel every 8 miles. Usually, I like to take a gel every 5 miles. Also, I didn't go heavier than usual on the carbohydrates in the days before this run.

It was a long, easy-paced run (9:52 average pace) and in order to do it without becoming bored out of my mind, I watched Youtube: travel shows on how to pack lightly, visiting Paris and Utah and the mo…

My 1st Marathon: Late Report!

This race report is about a race that occurred over six years ago in January 2006. I didn't have a blog when I ran this marathon, but here is my race report - just a little bit late in getting to my blog!  

"You finished the race! Your time was five hours and seven minutes,” my husband told me after I crossed the finish line of the 2006 Houston Marathon. My whole body hurt all over, but I couldn’t keep from smiling.
I started running in August of 2004. Before running the marathon, I had never run a race longer than a 5k, but something made me want to run a marathon anyway - probably a magazine article I had come across that told of a woman who finished a marathon. That article inspired me and made me wonder whether I could run a marathon, too, so I started training for one. There were a lot of new things to learn about running lots of miles in the summer heat and then on cold winter days, too, but the biggest change that occurred during my marathon training was that my level …

Gotta Run 22 Miles

I ran outside as far as possible - 9.7 miles. Back at home, I cooled off with a peach popsicle and hopped on my treadmill. There was some good and there was some bad to my 22 mile run...

The bad:

80* and 90% humidity at the start87* with 100* "Feels Like Temperature" at the endStomach ache from mile 8 and on (maybe from the heat)It became more of a run/walkSo it took foreverAn unleashed big, muddy (friendly) dog jumped up on me
The good:

Dog owners who leash their untrained, friendly dogsSometimes I can run through stomach painSome trail running (I ran in Memorial Park, as usual) I finished my 22 mile run My next long run has got to be better!
Next time, I'll start on the treadmill because the heat wore me out. Why am I doing long runs when my next planned marathon isn't until January? I like to run - most days! Here's hoping that your next run goes more smoothly than mine did and that you complete your running goals, too!

Good 20 Mile Run Today

Today's Run- 20 mile run. I spent the first 16 miles learning and running at the same time - I watched history documentaries while I was on the treadmill. Then I ran 4 miles outside. I was outside with only two more miles to go and I thought, "This is my day!" The usually warm water fountain had cool water, the rain was cooling me off and even though I had already run nearly 20 miles, I still felt good. I ate salted white rice before my run and raisins and pretzels at miles 6, 11 and 16. Miles 5-16: 9:01 ave. pace.

Recent Workouts-

Sunday- 10 mile inside/outside afternoon run (I usually run in the AM). On the treadmill I ran a warm-up mile and then 2 miles at 8:45 pace and 2 miles at 8:32 pace. Then I ran 5 miles outside - 95 degrees with only 44% humidity today rather than the usual morning 80 degrees with 90% humidity. I was able to average 10 minute miles outside today. The heat dried my mouth out completely, but I had water with me so this wasn't a problem. Otherwi…

16 Mile Run Can Go On!

Today (Friday)- 16 mile run on the treadmill. I almost didn't start! When I turned on the computer so that I could watch recorded TV shows, the computer wasn't working right. I tried my broken Ipod, but it was really dead. I had no TV show, no music. How could I run?!

It was very early. The rest of the house was dark, but I stood at our bedroom door and whispered to tech support, "Are you awake?"

He was awake and he fixed the problem right away! Tech support 24 hours a day! The run would go on!

Mile 13 was a fun mile. To speed up in my 13th mile would have been impossible outside in the humidity. After today's run,  I felt better than I did yesterday when I ran only 6 easy miles outside. It's the humidity. It exhausts me.

Here's what I did (after eating a banana):
Miles 1-4: Worked up to 9:34/mi pace. 4 Gu chomps (yum, strawberry)
Miles 5-8: 9:17/mi pace. Powerbar gel
Miles 9-12: 9:01/mi pace. Powerbar gel
Miles 13-15: 8:45/mi pace.
Mile 16: Cooled down at 9:1…

Will Run for Cookies!

My plan for today was to run six to eight miles. After running three miles, it was time to either turn around and run home or to run farther than six miles. I felt pretty good at that point even though it was 80 degrees and humid (felt like 87 degrees), so I ran another mile before I made a u-turn for home. Besides, I knew I'd be baking cookies later and you know what that means!

The last two miles were kind of hard to do without stopping, but I knew that the farther and faster I ran, the more cookies I could eat later. I ran until I hit the water fountain. I ran until the cross-walk. And then I ran all the way home. And when I made the cookies, the only question was: do I want more cookie dough or another cookie? Both, please!

The recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies was great, but I used one whole teaspoon cinnamon instead of just the half teaspoon it called for. That made them taste even better.

Hills on the Treadmill

Monday, I ran 12 miles. On the treadmill, I warmed up and ran 4 miles of "run a 1/4 mile up" and "run a 1/4 mile with zero incline". I ran at 3 to 6% incline, stayed at 5 or 6% and then worked my way back down. Running at 6% incline was hard, but it's easy compared to the hill workouts that I read about at iRunFar where you work up to 10%.

After running 7 miles on the treadmill, I ran 5 more miles outside, increasing the pace with each mile - running by perceived effort, it turned out to be a progression run. This run was powered by pretzels and raisins - less expensive than gels and raisins are good for you.

Tuesday (recovery day), I ran 3 miles on the treadmill before I headed outside to run 5 more miles. Sometimes it's hard to know how hard to push yourself, but I know I didn't overdo it the day before with the hills since I didn't have any sore places on Tuesday.

I've been running more on the treadmill lately because it's hot and humid ou…

10 Mile Treadmill/Outside Run

It's hot outside so today, I started my run inside. I ran 6 miles on my treadmill. After a three mile warm-up and a stop for raisins and water, I increased the pace, sometimes after 1/4 mile, sometimes after 1/2 mile, and then went back down to a slower pace and worked back up again. When I was finished on the treadmill, I ate some more raisins, drank some more water and headed outside for 4 more miles.
My legs felt surprisingly light so I tried to keep my speed up outside. Except for my cool down mile, each mile was faster than the previous one. Yesterday's outside 8 mile run was harder to finish than today's run even though I ran faster and farther today. Fun run today!
Pre-run: I've been running without eating first. Works fine for me.

My Long Run (It's Hot Out There!)

I do most of my running outside, but I've been doing some of my long runs on the treadmill because it's been so hot this summer. Today I started on the treadmill (10 miles, and the easiest part of today's run) and finished my long run outside. Doing part of the run on the treadmill was faster than running the entire long run outside since the humidity and heat slow me down. Maybe it's only mental, but it sure feels physical!

Too bad it was so hot out there - 90 degrees when I finished. I had to take a lot of breaks and cut my run short by half a mile. I tried to console myself with the thought of runners racing in the hot desert where the hot road melts their shoes, but it really didn't help to think about others suffering! Anyway, if you're struggling in the heat, I'm with you! Another runner offered me her drink, but I just needed to stop to rest. Still, it's nice to know that strangers care...

Especially after our truck was broken into last week and …

15 Miles on the Treadmill

New trail running shoes arrived at my door yesterday so I tried them out for half of my 15 mile run on the treadmill today. I like to try out new shoes on the treadmill in case there's a problem and I need to return them. No problems with my shoes, but finishing the run wasn't easy. I usually take a day off before my long run day, but not this time.I should have thought of that during the run - at least I would have felt better about feeling tired. I'm really glad I hung on to the end, though - now!

My comfortable new shoes are Mizuno Ascend 6 and only cost $63. I used the code, GottaRunNow, to save 10% at Running Warehouse. I wanted to let you know about the savings code in case it's time for some new shoes for you, too. Isn't it always?!

Here are the number of miles I've run this week: 11, 8, 10, 7, 15, (6 tomorrow, hopefully) = 57. That's why it's always time for new running shoes!

I'm not sure whether I'll be trail racing this fall or not, b…

Links: Big Sur, Pinterest, Salt & More

I ran 54 miles last week. This week, I had a recovery week. Here are a few posts that I found while I was "recovering" between eating banana bread and watermelon. 

Book Review: Waterlogged by Tim Noakes at IRunFar: "Drink only to thirst and ultrarunners don't need salt tablets." I knew about the water, but not the salt.

Interview: Nate Jenkins Tips on Eating and Training for a Marathon: "Don't eat anything 4 hours before a marathon." (40 minutes into this interview.) I've been running without eating first unless I'm running long. I might try this for long runs. 

Badwater 135 Mile Race: The next time I think I'm suffering in the heat, I'll look at these photos to see what real suffering looks like.

Bixby Bridge, CA - It's almost like you're at this Big Sur Marathon location on Google Street View. I ran theBig Sur Marathonin 2010. If you can, run it!

I've joined Pinterest. So far, I've collected home decorating and flower…