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This & That

I wanted to run on the hilly trails today, but another runner who had just come from the trails said they were so muddy that it wasn't worth it soI ran 12 miles on the flat trail instead. I drank Gatorade which they'll be serving at the trail half marathon that I'm running on Feb.11 - practicing my race fueling. It was a nice run on a sunny morning.
Robin tagged me for 11 Random Things. I've changed the game a little and made it 11 Answers instead. So here are her questions and my answers.
1) What is the worst thing you've ever eaten? black licorice 
2) What is the most exotic place you've ever visited? Hawaii for theKona Marathon
3) If you won the lottery, what would be the most important thing you did with the money? Running related: I'd give away running shoes and short dog leashes.
4) Biggest pet peeve? Long dog leashes. I ran towards one and the owner was on the left side of the path, the dog was on the right. I didn't see the long leash and was trying …

Training for a Trail Race

Days like this - one reason I run.

I've gotten in a few short runs this week since running the Houston marathon last Sunday. Today I did a little bit of trail running - only half a mile during my 8 mile run.

Even though my pace slows down on the trail, the time passes quickly because I'm busy looking out for roots, turns and dips in the trail. The birds were singing and there was a light rain to cool me off on this humid morning.

I'm training for the Orphan Hope Half Marathon Trail Run which takes place in three weeks. It will be my first half marathon on trails and I can't wait!

Houston Marathon Recap

Today I completed the Houston Marathon! It was my 7th Houston marathon and my 12th marathon. Thank you for leaving encouraging comments during training!

Results: 3:57:09, 9:02/mi average. Age group placement: 63 out of 349. In the last 4.5 miles, 14 runners passed me and I passed 269 runners. It's not a PR (need to beat 3:54:03) or a BQ (need 3:55), but it's mysecond fastest time.
Course: mostly flat with some bridges and underpasses
Weather: nice 42-57°, cloudy to sunny. I took off my sweatshirt and pants at the start. I wore arm warmers and gloves until about mile 4. I was comfortable in a tank and skirt the rest of the way.
Volunteers: The race crew on Montrose were the very best at yelling your name and encouragement.
Spectators: People almost along the entire course yelled out your name, which is on your bib, like you were somebody special.
Race day tips for arriving at the race: We were downtown about 6AM for the 7AM start and easily found a street parking space - free on Sund…

Olympic Trials

Today I walked over to the marathon and was so excited when I saw these three ladies who ran on to win the race. This is the 14 mile point at Shepherd & Memorial Drive.

Here are the lead men, in the 22nd mile, looking strong. 
I've upped my carbs about 100 grams a day to 300 on Thursday, Friday and I'm working on the same for today: oats for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch. I read here that increasing carbs might be helpful and probably won't hurt.
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! My Houston marathon bib # is 7369 and I think I'll wear a turquoise top and black skirt.

Houston Marathon Expo

Yesterday I was running my easy 4 mile run at Memorial Park when I saw a group of runners go by and I recognized Olympic hopeful Desiree Davila. I had to tell someone and telling my dog, who was with me, just wouldn't cut it so I stopped and called my husband.

I ran on and then, since, we were running on a loop, I saw her again and we smiled at each other. I ran two miles to the one mile that her group ran! I think I saw other elites, too, but she was the only one I can name without a doubt.

Around 11AM I went to the Houston Marathon Expo. Standing just outside the convention center was an "Ask Me" volunteer who looked familiar so I asked her if she was ThatPinkGirl and she was, thankfully, 'cause she may have thought it was a funny question if she wasn't! She's running in the marathon on Sunday, like me, and training for a half Ironman, unlike me! Wow!

The expo was crowded early Friday morning so I can't imagine what it will be like today. At some place…

This and That

This will be an easy training week since I'm running the Houston Marathon this Sunday. If you're running in the race, too, you may notice some orange paint on the trees in Memorial Park. Those are dead trees hit hard by the drought. They'll be cut down and new trees will be planted.I recently had a blood test and learned that after taking 2000 IUs of vitamin D each day for a year, I'm where I should be. Found this interesting: Extra Vitamin D, esp. in the Winter by marathoner Camille Herron.Normally, I use a chocolate milk powder added to milk, but today I used my immersion blender and mixed 1 cup milk, and 2 teaspoons each of Dutch-process cocoa powder and granulated sugar. I liked it.Only 5 Days Left to the Olympic Trials Marathon! - Read how Jackie Dikos will be fueling for the marathon.Weight Change During a 100-Mile Race- "It’s evident that we need to adjust the conventional thinking that our goal should be to maintain body weight during an endurance event.&q…

11 Miles & One '11 Memory

I ran 11 miles today. I was hungry early into the run, in the third mile. That's unusual, but I only ate a Powerbar and a banana beforehand and I went to bed slightly hungry last night. So I went ahead and ate my very last mint chocolate gel (sniff, sniff). That's my favorite GU gel!

I ran home to get my dog for the last 5 miles and ran a marathon paced mile for the 10th mile. I didn't eat another gel or drink extra water on this hot day which might have something to do with a side ache in the last mile. After a short walk, the side ache went away. Average pace for 11 miles: 10:00.

There's a very slight chance that we may go to Norway and Scotland like we did in March of '11. My husband needed to work there and I went along for fun. (See my Travel Page for posts and photos.)

On one of my walks in Aberdeen, I stopped to take a picture of the flowers. An elderly man stopped to offer to take a picture of me and the flowers. I gave him my camera and smiled. And I smil…