Houston Marathon Expo

Yesterday I was running my easy 4 mile run at Memorial Park when I saw a group of runners go by and I recognized Olympic hopeful Desiree Davila. I had to tell someone and telling my dog, who was with me, just wouldn't cut it so I stopped and called my husband.

I ran on and then, since, we were running on a loop, I saw her again and we smiled at each other. I ran two miles to the one mile that her group ran! I think I saw other elites, too, but she was the only one I can name without a doubt.

Amy and Tina at the Expo
Around 11AM I went to the Houston Marathon Expo. Standing just outside the convention center was an "Ask Me" volunteer who looked familiar so I asked her if she was ThatPinkGirl and she was, thankfully, 'cause she may have thought it was a funny question if she wasn't! She's running in the marathon on Sunday, like me, and training for a half Ironman, unlike me! Wow!

The expo was crowded early Friday morning so I can't imagine what it will be like today. At some places, I could hardly walk! I found good deals, though: ASICS GT-2160 shoes for $45 and ASICS shirts for $10.

I'm so excited that the Olympic Trials Marathon take place within walking distance from my home. If you see me and my Weimaraner and maybe my husband, too, come over and say hi! I'll be near Shepherd and Memorial around 9AM.


  1. Yea! PinkGirl meet-up! You sure can feel the buzz in the air here with all these elites in town!!! I wish I could head down there but have other obligations today. It would be so fun to run into the many bloggers I know are running this weekend! Have a great race Tina! I just have a feeling tomorrow will be a fantastic day for you!

  2. How cool is that- you ran into 2 awesome people :)

    Did you update your blog? It looks different...maybe I just have a horrible memory...it looks great though.

    GOOD LUCK! on Sunday...I'm super excited

  3. How fun getting to see elite runners! Good luck this weekend!

  4. Tina, have a GREAT race tomorrow! How exciting to see Desiree! I would have probably tripped, lol. Great deal on the shoes. I'd love to join you at 9 :) but I am still at home.

  5. I am thinking that Desiree being in such close proximity to you yesterday was a good thing - some of your angel dust sprinkled on her to help with her great result today! :-) And oh how I LOVE finding screaming deals. Have a wonderful race tomorrow!

  6. It was so great to meet you! Good luck and have a great race on Sunday!

  7. Yes, I've changed the look of my blog once again!

  8. The great thing about these elite runners is that they are so nice and pleasant to be around. Just like practically every other runner I've met over my few years of running!

  9. oh Amy! I love her blog too :)


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