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  • This will be an easy training week since I'm running the Houston Marathon this Sunday. If you're running in the race, too, you may notice some orange paint on the trees in Memorial Park. Those are dead trees hit hard by the drought. They'll be cut down and new trees will be planted.
  • I recently had a blood test and learned that after taking 2000 IUs of vitamin D each day for a year, I'm where I should be. Found this interesting: Extra Vitamin D, esp. in the Winter by marathoner Camille Herron.
  • Normally, I use a chocolate milk powder added to milk, but today I used my immersion blender and mixed 1 cup milk, and 2 teaspoons each of Dutch-process cocoa powder and granulated sugar. I liked it.
  • Only 5 Days Left to the Olympic Trials Marathon! - Read how Jackie Dikos will be fueling for the marathon.
  • Weight Change During a 100-Mile Race- "It’s evident that we need to adjust the conventional thinking that our goal should be to maintain body weight during an endurance event."
  • Mastering the Art of Slow Blogging- "When you take off blogging at a sprint, posting daily or even three times per week, your idea generating and writing muscles can cramp up pretty quickly."


  1. GREAT links! I've actually printed a few out so I can go read them in bed! (I'm tired already!!)

    My aunt told me all about the trees being marked and how new ones would be planted. The drought there really did take a toll! But I did hear there was some big time rain today!

    Will be thinking of you Sunday!!! :)

  2. Oh yeah, lots of rain today! Some streets flooded not too far away, but our neighborhood is fine. Happily, I finished my 6 mile run before the lightning and thunder came along this morning.

  3. D is huge. Gotta combine it with plenty of calcium to help avoid stress fractures!! Great links!!

  4. I also read to have vitamin D with some fat is good, too. Thanks for the calcium tip!

  5. forgot about the v-d importance. thanks for the reminder!

  6. Super links, thanks! All the best with the marathon!

  7. Good Luck on Saturday Tina!!!

    Thanks for the good links, and that is great about your improvement with the Vitamin D! Now to work out that writing cramp ... :)

  8. Good Luck on Sunday!

    Thanks for the links, I'll make sure to read through them, especially the Vitamin D reference...I usually suffer terribly from S.A.D. in the winter.

  9. Enjoy your taper and good luck at your marathon! I'll be sending you positive energy and hoping that all goes well. You will do great!! Love the chocolate milk recipe. YUM!


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