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Racers Ready for the 2012 Houston Marathon to Start 

I wanted to run on the hilly trails today, but another runner who had just come from the trails said they were so muddy that it wasn't worth it so I ran 12 miles on the flat trail instead. I drank Gatorade which they'll be serving at the trail half marathon that I'm running on Feb.11 - practicing my race fueling. It was a nice run on a sunny morning.

Robin tagged me for 11 Random Things. I've changed the game a little and made it 11 Answers instead. So here are her questions and my answers.

1) What is the worst thing you've ever eaten? black licorice 
2) What is the most exotic place you've ever visited? Hawaii for the Kona Marathon 
3) If you won the lottery, what would be the most important thing you did with the money? Running related: I'd give away running shoes and short dog leashes.
4) Biggest pet peeve? Long dog leashes. I ran towards one and the owner was on the left side of the path, the dog was on the right. I didn't see the long leash and was trying to figure out whether I should around them or through the middle. It's a good thing I chose not to run through the middle... On blogs: no paragraphs in a long blog post. 
5) Are you a commuter to work? No. 
6) Favorite TV show? I like cooking shows.
The Finish Line the Day Before the Kona Marathon 2011
7) Do you get enough sleep? I wouldn't mind more, like everybody. 
8) Have you ever experienced what you think is a miracle? It depends on what you mean. If everything is a miracle, it takes away from the truly miraculous. Getting a parking spot is not a miracle. Being changed by God's love for us is a miracle.
9) Biggest goal for 2012? A PR! That would be a miracle! Just kidding.
10) Winter or summer? If I'm in Houston, which I am, winter. I wore shorts today (in January!).
11) Favorite person? Running related: I'm inspired by runners who run for fun and PR's.

Extra stuff: Here's a video of 47 year old (I'm 46) four-time Olympian Colleen De Reuck speaking after running in the recent Olympic Trials marathon.


  1. I so agree about long dog leashes, especially retractable where you can't tell if the do is off leash or there an invisible cord across the path about to trip you. Grrr.

  2. Ugh - the uber long posts with no breaks make me crazy too! Or just long blog posts all the time. I have been guilty of long posts lately though!

  3. So jealous of people that get to wear shorts right now! But I love black licorice..YUM ;0

  4. Thanks for sharing the interview - wow, she's so positive and so excited for her fellow runners!

    I too am jealous of your shorts, but here in the Northeast, we haven't had much of a winter (yet), so I can't complain!

  5. Lisa, I liked that part of the interview the best - how excited she was for the others and the US team.

  6. Thanks for posting the Colleen DeReuck interview! I saw one on the side with Dathan Ritzenhein that I want to watch too.

    What you say about miracles: spot on.

  7. Love your answer to #8. Thanks for sharing the video - what a great smile Coleen has. that smile says a lot!

    fish and chips on the Santa Barbara pier? Hmm and mmm. I have gotten fish and chips there a few times myself at a basic hole in the wall place. Santa Barbara is one my favorite places.

    You mentioned you might be heading back to Norway a few posts back? Is that still happening?

    keep kickin and inspiring us!

  8. Haven't heard anything about Norway. Maybe we've eaten at the same fish and chips place! Fun memories of visiting there with my family!

  9. "Biggest goal for 2012? A PR! That would be a miracle! Just kidding." hahahahahaha!!! good one!!!!

    yikes, that could have been ugly had you chosen the middle (long dog leash!).

    and YAY for shorts in the winter! the past few weeks, i've gotten to wear my long sugoi 'locust' shorts and love it!! i hope winter isn't going to rise up in feb though!!

  10. A few years ago I ran a race with two loops where they had runners and dog walkers on the same route. I was almost taken out by dog walker with a long leash!

  11. A PR for 2012 would be good and I don't think you would need divine intervention for that! We are excited for your upcoming trail race! :-)

  12. Awesome entry....great answers!

  13. I like your twist on this game! I should do that :)

  14. Thanks for the video link! I had no idea she has such an accent. But really I was impressed with her graciousness.

  15. Robin, thanks for the tag!
    Raina, you should!

  16. thanks for the link. you always share such interesting info. I certainly see a PR in 2012 for you. I enjoyed reading "this and that" about you

  17. Oh I'd love to race in Hawaii. I'd do the half :)

    My Running Shortz

  18. Loved your list, Tina!

  19. Colleen is my hero...just so amazing! Thanks for the video. I hadn't seen it.

  20. New to your blog, and enjoying it already! I changed the posting game as well! :-)


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