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My Long Run Routine

Yesterday I ran 18 miles. I tested out my race day routine, making sure that I have a good plan for a long race. I don't know when my next long race will be, I just want to be ready.

I divided the 18 mile run into three parts of 6 miles each and ran easy, a little harder and as fast as I thought I could handle for the last 6 miles. I didn't watch my pace on the Garmin much, though, and ran more by feel. This was partly because of the wind - 18 miles of it! It's kind of funny to be running into the wind when your legs are moving, but your body isn't making much progress down the trail! It felt great when the wind was at my back.

I started the morning with 3/4 cup oats and just topped it with sugar instead of the usual assortment of healthy, yummy toppings - sticking with plain jane today. During my run, I had water every 2 miles, vanilla GU every 4 miles and Gatorade at mile 6. If it were a race, I'd continue with Gatorade in between those gels. It was 57 degrees a…

Running Long on New Fuel

Today's 16 mile run went well. I ran six miles with my dog, took her back home and ran back out to finish up 10 more miles in the gentle rain. When she isn't with me, people ask about her. I think it's great that even though I live in a large city like Houston, it can have a small-town feel to it, where people chat or say hello as I run by. 
At the 11 mile point, I was confused, thinking that I only had two more miles to go and realized that I had five more miles to go. I felt more tired at the thought of it. Another runner flew by me and that reminded me to keep up the pace. All's well that ends well and I ended up running a progression run where you run faster towards the end than you did at the beginning. Average pace: 9:30/mi.
I came across a homemade sports drink recipe and thought I'd try it just for fun today. I mixed together sugar, honey, lime juice, salt and water. I only made a small amount because I was afraid it would taste bad. I was able to drink it…

Orphan Hope 1/2 Marathon Race Report

I ran in my first 1/2 marathon on trails today! My goals were to have fun running in the woods and not to fall.  No falls today and I had fun! While I was running one of the things that pushed me forward was that there was a slight chance that I might place (you never know!) and I actually did place first in my age group!

I picked up my award plaque early, since I had a long drive home, and met one of the race organizers and the female master's winner and the 4th place runner in my age group, too, so even though I didn't stay for the ceremony, it was a fun finish to my race morning.

But let's back up... Before the race, I ran a 10 minute warm-up (which may have been unnecessary because we started the race slowly) and then I chatted with another half marathoner at the start.

The trail was well-marked so I didn't even come close to getting lost in the woods like I was afraid I might. This was a small race so there were a couple of moments when I couldn't see another…

My Week of Running

Workouts for 1/30 to 2/5:

Monday: 9 mile run with 5 miles (tempo) and 2 miles on the more difficult (than the usual path) biketrails with my dog.
Tuesday: Rest. Monday night my shin hurt. No more problems, though.
Wednesday: 6 mile run. I loosely followed this Runner's World treadmill workout which included 5-7% incline. (A short read on treadmill incline.) I did a 30 minute Pfitzinger core workout.

Thursday: 6 mile run after eating oatmeal with raisins, banana, cinnamon, flax seeds, wheat germ, walnuts and milk. Here's a video where the elites tell what they eat before a marathon. Most popular choices: bread, bananas and oatmeal eaten 3 hours before the race.

Today I went to the dentist for a check-up, but at least I wasn't having a mammogram done...

Friday: 15 mile run with some rain. Before running,Iate plain oatmeal and a banana, a breakfast of champions.During the run, I had a GU gel and GU Brew drink. It was hot and humid. No cramps this time, though. With a lot of intern…