My Week of Running

Can't Eat Just One!
Workouts for 1/30 to 2/5:

Monday: 9 mile run with 5 miles (tempo) and 2 miles on the more difficult (than the usual path) bike trails with my dog.

Tuesday: Rest. Monday night my shin hurt. No more problems, though.

Wednesday: 6 mile run. I loosely followed this Runner's World treadmill workout which included 5-7% incline. (A short read on treadmill incline.) I did a 30 minute Pfitzinger core workout.

Thursday: 6 mile run after eating oatmeal with raisins, banana, cinnamon, flax seeds, wheat germ, walnuts and milk. Here's a video where the elites tell what they eat before a marathon. Most popular choices: bread, bananas and oatmeal eaten 3 hours before the race.

Today I went to the dentist for a check-up, but at least I wasn't having a mammogram done...

Why I  Run Reason #101 
Friday: 15 mile run with some rain. Before running, I ate plain oatmeal and a banana, a breakfast of champions. During the run, I had a GU gel and GU Brew drink. It was hot and humid. No cramps this time, though. With a lot of internal pep-talk (I can do this! Faster!), I picked it up to 9:08-9:30 for three miles near the end. Average pace: 10:01/mi.

Chocolate milk tasted great when I finished the run. To make it, I mixed 1 cup milk and 1 tablespoon each of cocoa powder and sugar with my immersion blender.

Then I went in for that mammogram I mentioned. They're so nice there. It wasn't so bad after all. When I got back home, I finished decorating some Valentine's cookies I made earlier and then I made pizza which my husband and I ate while we watched an old black and white movie about a heroic French couple in the midst of war.

Saturday: 30 minutes of exercises (crunches, etc.) and 5 mile run in the rain. Hardly anyone was out on the Memorial Park Loop (because of the lightning earlier, I think), but those of us who braved the rain smiled at each other while hopping around the puddles.

Strawberries are in the stores now and they're so good for you, you can eat as many as you like. Sometimes I eat fruit, yogurt and granola for dessert.

Sunday: Rest

Total Running: 41 Miles 


  1. I had my mammo a few weeks ago. Didn't get to come home and decorate cookies though after mine. You win!

  2. WOW, that was quite the week! You are an inspiration!!

  3. those cookies.... YUMMMMM!!!! reason 1-100 why i run!! haha!! :) great week of running and glad to hear the mamo wasn't as bad as you thought... i dread it... :/

  4. What a stellar week! Have you ever dipped strawberries in sour cream and then brown sugar? IT'S SO GOOD. Try it. It sounds crazy, but it's do die for.

    And way to get your mammogram done! I feel that it is so important. All of those little tasks that make us "uncomfortable" can save us some serious heart ache and pain later on.

  5. Wow! Great week. I've gotta start getting that kind of milage in. I've been avoiding the dreaded mammo -- double yuck!
    My Running Shortz

  6. 5-7% incline on the TM? AWESOME! That is one tough workout.

    Great pace for your long run!

  7. ok...those cookies look ridiculously amazing.......a great reason to run!!! curious to knwowhat kind of pizza you made?

    sounded like a great week of training for you. I love your blog, and the pics are amazing...very inspiring!

    and how cute is your dog :) I'm a new follower!

    1. For the pizza, I tried a new crust recipe. It wasn't as good as this one, though: Then I added pre-made pasta sauce and toppings. Easy!

  8. Awesome week of training! Love the treat photos too! yummy

  9. I haven't had to do the mammogram yet. Don't look forward to that one. Glad you had a good staff :)

    I am really hankering for strawberries now!

  10. Great week! I had to laugh...I had my dentist appointment last week and I have my mammogram next week. Fun! I love those cookies and may have to reward myself with one next week!

  11. Yeah, cookies are a great reason to run!! :) Nice week of running!

  12. What a great week! Those strawberries look delicious!

    I just noticed the coupon code for Running Warehouse. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sure, I'm glad the coupon is useful! : )


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