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50K in 2 Weeks

Here's what I ran this week:

Tuesday- 9 miles

Wednesday- 6 miles

Friday-20 miles. I carb-loaded for 3 days before the run, eating about 100g more carbohydrates than usual each day. I felt a little uncomfortable so I don't know if I will carb-load again in two weeks. Three hours before my 20 miler, I ate a couple of pancakes with syrup - more carbs, but they were good!

I ate a Powerbar gel at miles 5, 10 and 15. I had an S-cap (salt) at miles 10 and 17 and water @ miles 5, 10, 13, 15, 17 - I was thirsty after the salt or maybe it was the heat. At mile 12, I had a two mile (!) stomach cramp and wondered if it could be from taking the gel & salt together so I stopped doing that.

The temperature was 70-75 degrees and humid at the start. I felt good in the last miles - a plus on a warm day. Average pace: 9:30.

Saturday-10.5 miles. I ate Powerbar energy blasts today. They're sort of like gummy bear candy and I liked them. Only two weeks until the 50K race and I can't wait!

24 Mile Run/50K in 3 Weeks!

My week began with 4 weeks to go before my first 50K trail race.

Monday- 10 miles. Humid. Tired from the increase in miles lately.

Tuesday- 5 miles. After I left home, a thunder storm came through. When I was a mile from home, my husband called to tell me about a tornado warning. I ran into a building for safety and then I raced home - unplanned speedwork!

Wednesday- 8 miles. Day 1 of carb-loading.

Thursday- 4 miles. Not exhausted today after being exhausted at the beginning of the week.

Friday- 24 miles. Second time to ever run 24 miles in training! 24 miles is the most mileage I've ever run at once.

Pre-run: oatmeal. During run: 4 Powerbar gels (200 mg sodium each). Shoes: regular running shoes: ASICS GT 2160. I think I'll wear them at the 50K. The ASICS 2150's worked fine at the 1/2 marathon trail race, held at the same park in Huntsville, Texas, as the 50K will be held.

Temp: 57-70. Humid: 89-62%. Once the humidity decreased, I felt great. Average pace: 9:46. Miles 20-24 a…

3 New Things: Friends, GU, Ultra

Two runs with new running friends! Yesterday I ran with Amanda (She takes great photos!) and today I ran with Melissa (She's starting the Couch to 5K Plan!). Time flies when you're talking!I received a surprise gift in the mail today. Thanks, GU! Notice that these Roctane powders are labeled Ultra Endurance. That leads to number three on my list... I'm thinking about signing up to run my first ultra - the Hogs Hunt 50K. Yesterday I ran 22 miles and today I ran 10.5 miles. I made it through both days without any chafing or blisters, thanks to Body-glide (and petroleum jelly on my feet, too). I felt good during the first part of today's run, but I ran out of energy in the last couple of miles - I need to figure this out! Plus, I'm not usually sore after 20 miles anymore, but after today's run - sore legs! Interesting post: Should you really eat low fat foods and graze, too? Lately, I've been using whole milk and yogurt. They seem to be more filling so that I …

Bayou City Classic 10K Race Report

The race started in downtown Houston and ran down Memorial Drive and then back into town. The rain didn't bother me too much except that there were a couple of slippery spots, but the wind did. My finish time was 52:02. That's the slowest of the three 10K's I've run, but did I mention the wind?! (In the top photo, I'm left of center in a gray shirt and black shorts. In the next photo, I'm in the center.)

They had results up by the time I made it to the results tent and there was good food handed out including Powerbar Energy Blasts (never had those before, but they look good) and Clif shot bloks (I like those) that I'll use on a long run. I picked up an ice cold smoothie, too, and after running in the cold rain, I gave myself "freeze throat"! I warmed up with cocoa when I got home.

Running a 10K race is a fun way to get some speedwork in! I'm looking forward to another week of running lots of miles starting on Monday. Have a great week!

Finished 20 Mile Run!

A warm run: 73-79 degrees, humid and sunny - good preparation for hot races. I had 3 Clifbloks at miles 4, 8, 12 and 16 and salt at miles 4, 10 and 16, too. (Sometimes I take S-Caps to prevent heat cramps that cause pain in my feet after long, hot runs.) I had to walk a bit today, but at least I finished! Average pace: 9:41. Post-run: chocolate milk.

Later, I'll snack on the Marathon Mom peanut butter granola bars I made out of 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/3 cup honey, 1/4 cup butter, 1 1/2 cup oats, 2 tablespoons wheat germ and 1/2 cup peanuts. My add-in: mini chocolate chips on top. Yum!