24 Mile Run/50K in 3 Weeks!

ASICS 2160 w/ID, Powerbar Gel, Post-run Strawberry Milk

My week began with 4 weeks to go before my first 50K trail race.

Monday- 10 miles. Humid. Tired from the increase in miles lately.

Tuesday- 5 miles. After I left home, a thunder storm came through. When I was a mile from home, my husband called to tell me about a tornado warning. I ran into a building for safety and then I raced home - unplanned speedwork!

Wednesday- 8 miles. Day 1 of carb-loading.

Thursday- 4 miles. Not exhausted today after being exhausted at the beginning of the week.

Friday- 24 miles. Second time to ever run 24 miles in training! 24 miles is the most mileage I've ever run at once.

Pre-run: oatmeal. During run: 4 Powerbar gels (200 mg sodium each). Shoes: regular running shoes: ASICS GT 2160. I think I'll wear them at the 50K. The ASICS 2150's worked fine at the 1/2 marathon trail race, held at the same park in Huntsville, Texas, as the 50K will be held.

Temp: 57-70. Humid: 89-62%. Once the humidity decreased, I felt great. Average pace: 9:46. Miles 20-24 average: 9:38 - felt pretty good considering it was 70 degrees.

I started out with my Camelbak backpack full of water, but took it back home after a few blocks when I realized that I'd need to Body-glide my back because it was rubbing. The 50K will have water stops anyway.

I only drank water and ate gels every 5 miles. I wore the clothes I plan to wear for the 50K race. I brought music, but never needed it - funny how you can run for miles and miles without getting bored, just you and your thoughts. Today was a confidence booster!

Saturday- 10 miles.

My long run miles on day 1/followed by day 2, leading up to 50K:
6 weeks out: 20/10
5 weeks out: 10K race instead of long runs
4 weeks out: 22/10.5
3 weeks out: 24/ 10 (I ran 61 miles last week and again this week, second week to run highest weekly mileage ever!)
2 weeks out: TBD
1 week out: TBD

Only 3 more weeks until the 50K now!


  1. Oh wow...body glide on your back? That might be hard to reach! Great job on the 24, Tina. You are going to do great in this race :)

  2. I am so excited to hear all about your 50k!!! I ran my first trail training run for mine this week and it was awesome! I am currently shopping for a backpack...we are required to carry fluid as its the end of June. What kind is it that was chaffing you?

    1. I have an older model Charm Camelbak.

  3. Go you!!! Nice work and so inspiring :)

  4. Wow, you are doing great! You sound totally ready for your race. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have good weather. Congrats on all of the miles!

  5. You just keep getting stronger! I can't wait to read about the 50K.

  6. This post just excites me!!! Running from a thunderstorm & tornado wsrning, awesome 24 miler, second longest mileage week w/ 61 miles, and two weeks away from your first ultra--just AWESOME !!!

  7. You have awesome training runs. I saw that you ran the Orphan Hope Trail marathon..well the half. My good friends organized that race and I was there as a volunteer. Congrats on your AG win!!

    1. Thanks! That was a fun race! I hope to run it next year, too.

  8. Anonymous3/27/2012

    Wow, somehow I missed the fact you were running a 50k. I'm impressed. Amazing mileage! I think I would have a hard time fitting all that in my schedule.
    Good luck with the taper and then running the race. I look forward to hear your thoughts on it.

  9. Getting so close.....

  10. Great 24 miler!!!
    3 more weeks to your 50K??? You are ready!!
    Long runs on work with company or books on tape - otherwise it's a fine line between excellence and the looney bin!


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