Trails, Track & Push-ups

Today I ran over to the trails to meet a friend for a trail run. It was shady in the woods and I didn't notice how warm it was until we left the woods and we were in the sunshine at the end of our run. After the trail run, I ran home and had a second mini-breakfast of half a peanut butter sandwich with two dried apricots and honey on it - 3 or 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein makes a good post-workout snack. 

This was a step-back week for me at only 30 miles, but next week I'll pick it up again. I ran 4 x 800 on the track this week. I can't remember the last time I ran 800's. I used McMillan's Running Calculator to see how fast I should run. (Input a previous race time to see your goal paces.) My goal was 3:53, based on my 3:57 marathon finish in January. I was on the slow side on my 800's. I came across an informative Wise Running blog post with some tips on running faster that may be helpful.

During my strength training sessions, I've been doing push-ups (on my toes). My arms feel like they're going to collapse when I get to the last 2-3! To see how many I can do is a fun challenge.


  1. Great week of training! I'm off to read your referral blog on speed!

  2. Awesome! Ahh, the advantages of an early morning run - earning a second breakfast!

  3. I LOVE trail runs! I've started push-ups too! Not on my toes though:)
    Take care.

    My Running Shortz

  4. I love morning trail runs! It's nice you can find a little reprieve from the heat in the shady forest. I do push-ups, too, but cheat a little in that I do them on a step. The step makes it a little easier on my shoulders. :-)

  5. You keep improving. 30 miles sounds like a lot to me these days. I am usually somewhere in the 20s.

  6. I love shaded trails to run in. Especially during summer. Now off to read the recommended blog post.

  7. That picture is beautiful. I love shady trails. Push ups are so great. After I do those, I feel like I've accomplished something!

  8. I pretty much despise track work-outs and 800's although I think it makes a huge difference.

    Well done, and awesome picture!

  9. I had never heard of the McMillian training program... sounds interesting, I think I'll try it for my next running challenge, thanks for posting the link!

  10. what a great idea about doing pushups on your toes! did you read about it somewhere? i may give it shot! (thanks for the warning!!) :)


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