Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

We took off for Palo Duro Canyon last Friday.  It was a long 11 hour drive north of Houston, but it was worth it. We made it to camp just in time to roast marshmallows and watch a lightning storm. On Saturday, we rode off to explore the beautiful canyon. 


That afternoon, we went on another bike ride.

Riding 10 hilly miles was warm, but fun (love the down hills!) even though it was 100 degrees - seriously, see the thermometer? Dry heat beats humid heat.  

My husband and I road on the hilly roads and then we ventured off onto Rojo trail, too. 

Some of the trail was hilly, too. 

Our RV Site in Mesquite Camp
Even though the rented 2005 RV rattled as we drove down the road like a noisy tin can (really!), it was a fun first RV trip for us. I liked having a kitchen with a refrigerator and a restroom and being inside during the rainstorms at night.

Before the day was over, I went on a 5 mile run down the road (10:12/mi ave) before we were treated to another lightning storm. Thankfully, it only rained at night and our days were dry - except for the mud, but I'll write more about the mud and the best day of our vacation next time.

Lightning Storm Before the Rain 


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like another beautiful spot!

  3. Those bike rides look great. And hot is hot IMO dry or humid. 100 degrees yuck!

  4. Awesome! It's our dream to do things like this one day. I love how you incorporate your vacations with races, training rides/runs.

  5. That sounds and looks like such a FUN trip! That part of it rattling like a tin can cracked me up! I would be praying parts weren't falling off - ha!! Loved how you got pics of the two of you together.


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