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My Bike on the Loop
I've added riding back in to my weekly exercises of running and strength training. I usually ride twice a week. It's fun to go faster than I do when I run and to feel the wind cool me off. I like to ride at Memorial Park on the Picnic Loop (named for the picnic tables along the loop). It's close to home so I'm able to ride to the loop from my house. There are other bikers and runners there so it feels fairly safe even though it's right in the city of Houston.

Today I rode for about half an hour and then I ran four miles. I had a slight pain on the bottom of one of my feet. It's probably nothing, but I cut the run short just to be safe. I had planned to run with my dog at the end of my run, but instead we played with her ball in the back yard. I had a good time riding, running and ball throwing, too.


  1. Something about being on the bike = grin-inducing play! You had a very well-rounded day with riding, running, and ball throwing - nice! Hopefully the feet will be ok!

  2. Is there a triathlon in your future?
    Btw, I finished my first marathon even in impossible weather conditions, if you want you can go read about it :)

  3. Riding a bike makes you feel like a kid again, doesn't it, Tina?!

  4. Sounds like a great idea! Hope the foot is ok.

  5. Just sold my bike. Became terrified to ride on today's busy roads where motorists are in such a hurry to get from A to B. I'm much happier running along trails, over moors and along riverbanks.

    1. I forgot to mention that the Picnic Loop is closed to traffic during the time that I ride on it. Not only that, but much of my ride to the park is not on the street, but on the separate bike/run lane beside the road. You're right, busy roads aren't much fun.

  6. A little cross training is good and fun! I do hope that your foot is nothing big. GOod call!


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