Run to Lighthouse Rock

Palo Duro Canyon, in the Texas panhandle, is a gorgeous place to go for a run and that's just what I did last Sunday. My husband and I were on vacation at the park. We set out for Lighthouse Rock early in the morning with him on his bike. After about 5 miles of running and carefully climbing up two steep rocks where I needed my hands on the ground to steady myself, we arrived. That's me in the center of the photo at the Lighthouse Rock- just a tiny spec in this great big world, but let me back the story up to the "getting there part"...

It had rained the two nights before so to get to the rock, we needed to go through muddy water on the road many times. There was no way around the road mud so I went right through it. The trails were often slippery with mud, too. Sometimes I could sidestep the mud, but then I had to watch out for the prickly cactus. Danger, danger! I stopped often to scrape the heavy mud off of my shoes on trail rocks. 

Fun in the Mud!

We turned our run/ride into a hike once we were close to the rock. Finally, we saw what we had come to see!

My Climb to Lighthouse Rock

Getting There

I Made It!

My Husband Beside Lighthouse Rock

Running in the canyon was one of my most memorable runs. I loved the rock formations, the mountains, the red dirt, the dry air and the flowers. I love vacation running. 

Indian Blanket/Fire Wheel Flower

Fuel: bananas (pre-run), Powerbar chews and pretzels
Gear: Camelbak worked great.
Miles: 10 (Mesquite camp to Lighthouse Rock and back), 9 mi. running 
Running Pace: 11:00/mi. ave. 
Elevation: 2800
Palo Duro Canyon Day 1


  1. Wow, very scenic. Looks like a great workout too

  2. You have the best runs! Looks gorgeous!

  3. Looks like a beautiful desert area! You look lovely running in your skirt ensemble. We love vacation running, too. Love the colorful flowers often seen along the trails this time of year. Sounds like you guys had another wonderful vacation of exploration!

  4. It looks very cool. That water in the road is pretty something. Getting there was quite the accomplishment.

  5. Mud and cactus - yikes!! But how absolutely stunning - worth every step!

  6. I love it! So beautiful! You inspire me to run in new places.

  7. Lighthouse Rock is beautiful!

  8. Very nice! We may have to add this location to our travel "to-do" list!

  9. So pretty - looks a lot like AZ or NV! I didn't know the panhandle was like that (never been to that part though!).

    How long did it take your shoes/socks to dry? :)

    1. It was much prettier than I imagined it would be! I didn't notice how long it took for my shoes to dry. I think that's because it really didn't bother me very much. After the water crossings, there was mud that I was just trying not to fall in. In other words, I had new stuff to worry about!


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