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My Long Run (It's Hot Out There!)

I do most of my running outside, but I've been doing some of my long runs on the treadmill because it's been so hot this summer. Today I started on the treadmill (10 miles, and the easiest part of today's run) and finished my long run outside. Doing part of the run on the treadmill was faster than running the entire long run outside since the humidity and heat slow me down. Maybe it's only mental, but it sure feels physical!

Too bad it was so hot out there - 90 degrees when I finished. I had to take a lot of breaks and cut my run short by half a mile. I tried to console myself with the thought of runners racing in the hot desert where the hot road melts their shoes, but it really didn't help to think about others suffering! Anyway, if you're struggling in the heat, I'm with you! Another runner offered me her drink, but I just needed to stop to rest. Still, it's nice to know that strangers care...

Especially after our truck was broken into last week and …

15 Miles on the Treadmill

New trail running shoes arrived at my door yesterday so I tried them out for half of my 15 mile run on the treadmill today. I like to try out new shoes on the treadmill in case there's a problem and I need to return them. No problems with my shoes, but finishing the run wasn't easy. I usually take a day off before my long run day, but not this time.I should have thought of that during the run - at least I would have felt better about feeling tired. I'm really glad I hung on to the end, though - now!

My comfortable new shoes are Mizuno Ascend 6 and only cost $63. I used the code, GottaRunNow, to save 10% at Running Warehouse. I wanted to let you know about the savings code in case it's time for some new shoes for you, too. Isn't it always?!

Here are the number of miles I've run this week: 11, 8, 10, 7, 15, (6 tomorrow, hopefully) = 57. That's why it's always time for new running shoes!

I'm not sure whether I'll be trail racing this fall or not, b…

Links: Big Sur, Pinterest, Salt & More

I ran 54 miles last week. This week, I had a recovery week. Here are a few posts that I found while I was "recovering" between eating banana bread and watermelon. 

Book Review: Waterlogged by Tim Noakes at IRunFar: "Drink only to thirst and ultrarunners don't need salt tablets." I knew about the water, but not the salt.

Interview: Nate Jenkins Tips on Eating and Training for a Marathon: "Don't eat anything 4 hours before a marathon." (40 minutes into this interview.) I've been running without eating first unless I'm running long. I might try this for long runs. 

Badwater 135 Mile Race: The next time I think I'm suffering in the heat, I'll look at these photos to see what real suffering looks like.

Bixby Bridge, CA - It's almost like you're at this Big Sur Marathon location on Google Street View. I ran theBig Sur Marathonin 2010. If you can, run it!

I've joined Pinterest. So far, I've collected home decorating and flower…

How I Ran 22 Miles on the Treadmill

First, I warmed up with easy running. Then I set my treadmill to 6.5mph and a 1% incline and left it there for 21.5 miles. To fuel my run, I had some Gatorade and raisins which worked just fine. Gatorade is often used at races so it's good to train with that every once in awhile. The raisins gave me some extra calories.

Using aTreadmill Pace Conversion Chart, I averaged a 9:09/mile pace. Although I don't know about the accuracy of the chart or my treadmill, that's a faster pace than I ran my 20 miles on the treadmill last week.

Photo: A flower seen on my Palo Duro Canyon trip to the desert.

10 Mile Run

After I ran through Memorial Park this morning, I ran back home to pick up my dog so we could run through the neighborhood together. I like to look at the yards for inspiration. I took a picture of those pretty flowers in the top photo because I may like to do something like that in my yard someday.

I ran 10 miles today and of course, it was hot and humid. It was okay, though. I think that's because I'm treating 10 miles like oh, at least a 15 miler. In other words, when it's this hot, prepare!

And I was prepared... I wore my Nathan hydration belt and brought 20 ounces total of Nuun and flat Coke (1/2 Coke, 1/2 H2O in a bottle), Smarties tart candies and even pretzels, too. The Coke and candy were new for me and worked great. (You can read more aboutdrinking soda on the run at the Nutrition Success blog.) I refilled my bottles with water along the way. This heat can sometimes zap me, but not today.