My Long Run (It's Hot Out There!)

Butterfly on my Running Route

I do most of my running outside, but I've been doing some of my long runs on the treadmill because it's been so hot this summer. Today I started on the treadmill (10 miles, and the easiest part of today's run) and finished my long run outside. Doing part of the run on the treadmill was faster than running the entire long run outside since the humidity and heat slow me down. Maybe it's only mental, but it sure feels physical! 

Too bad it was so hot out there - 90 degrees when I finished. I had to take a lot of breaks and cut my run short by half a mile. I tried to console myself with the thought of runners racing in the hot desert where the hot road melts their shoes, but it really didn't help to think about others suffering! Anyway, if you're struggling in the heat, I'm with you! Another runner offered me her drink, but I just needed to stop to rest. Still, it's nice to know that strangers care...

Especially after our truck was broken into last week and important items were stolen! It happened right in front of Lowe's with a security officer in the parking lot! In the daylight! With lots of people around! Okay, I'm done complaining! Security officer's tip: park where they can see around your car, not right beside other cars. Anyway, I'm grateful for the kindness of strangers.

After my tiring run, I felt normal again after a cup of ice cold milk and frozen banana pieces. (I keep a bag of sliced bananas in the freezer for smoothies.) It felt great to eat something so cold after being so hot. It felt great to have the 16.5 mile run done, too! Big physical challenge of the week - done!

The Night Before: Gathering Food for the Run

Pre-run: just the bagel 
During run: Powerbar gels: Berry Blast (new flavor, tastes great, very berry), Kona Punch, Tangerine
A post I found interesting:  Don't Sweat Over Electrolytes.


  1. I'm am definitely slower in the summer months due to the heat! Kudos to you for making it work with the treadmill and outside! I'm sorry to hear about your car...that's unnerving I'm sure!

  2. Nice job on the run on a hot day. THe after food sounds great.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your car! It's a bummer that you had to cut your run short, but I've also heard that the amount of time you spend running can be just as important as the distance you covered, so if you were running slowly due to the heat and spent a lot of time out there you probably still got the training stimulus you needed. Good for you for getting in the miles, though!

  4. During this heat & humidity, I keep reminding myself how much stronger I'll be when the cooler/cleaner weather is back :)

  5. All I can say is that I am impressed and you MUST have been dying. I ran about 7 miles at 89-90 the other day and my heart rate was in the tempo range even though I was running slower than easy pace.
    Sorry about your truck! Can't believe the nerve some people have.

  6. The heat has been abusive around the whole country this summer but I still marvel how you get out in the heat AND humidity combination. It's disappointing to hear about how some people think it's ok to steal from others. I am sure they wouldn't appreciate it if you "stole" what was yours back from them! :-)

  7. It's been a terribly ho summer for running that's for sure! Sorry about the car break in...

  8. Nice run in the heat! I'm such a baby, I did 6.5 miles this morning and came home complaining to my husband about how sick I am of the heat. And here you rocked 10 more miles than me!


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