16 Mile Run Can Go On!

Today (Friday)- 16 mile run on the treadmill. I almost didn't start! When I turned on the computer so that I could watch recorded TV shows, the computer wasn't working right. I tried my broken Ipod, but it was really dead. I had no TV show, no music. How could I run?!

It was very early. The rest of the house was dark, but I stood at our bedroom door and whispered to tech support, "Are you awake?"

He was awake and he fixed the problem right away! Tech support 24 hours a day! The run would go on!

Mile 13 was a fun mile. To speed up in my 13th mile would have been impossible outside in the humidity. After today's run,  I felt better than I did yesterday when I ran only 6 easy miles outside. It's the humidity. It exhausts me.

Here's what I did (after eating a banana):
Miles 1-4: Worked up to 9:34/mi pace. 4 Gu chomps (yum, strawberry)
Miles 5-8: 9:17/mi pace. Powerbar gel
Miles 9-12: 9:01/mi pace. Powerbar gel
Miles 13-15: 8:45/mi pace.
Mile 16: Cooled down at 9:17/mi pace.

Previous workouts from this week:

Monday- 11 mile run with 6 on the treadmill. Hills at a 5-9 % incline (steeper than last week!). Powered by pretzels and raisins.
Tuesday- Strength training and 6 mile run outside.
Wednesday- 10 mile run. On the treadmill, I warmed up for 2 miles and then ran 3 miles at mostly 9:01/mile pace (about goal marathon pace). I ate 1/2 a banana and pretzels during this part of the run and then I went outside for 5 miles with an average pace of 11:20.
Thursday- Strength training and 6 mile run.


  1. Sounds like you've been getting in some good runs! And it takes some serious mental fortitude to run 16 miles on the treadmill, so pat yourself on the back for that.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I wish I had that kind of tech support in my house. Nice mileage this week!

  3. Love that tech support could help. A 16 mile run on the tm with no tech would be awful.

  4. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Good job on your run! thank god for tech support! :-)

  5. Awesome treadmill run, I find the long ones so rough! Well done!

  6. Love 24hr tech support!!! You've put in some seriously miles this week on the mill!! Awesome job!

  7. Very nice run!! I dont know how you guys do so many miles on the treadmill!! lol... kudos to you!! :)

  8. Great job this week! Isn't it nice to have tech support "on call" 24 hours a day?!

  9. Thanks for making us both laugh out loud with your whisper to tech support - we could picture it! You have incredible mental fortitude to continue pulling off long runs on the treadmill - well done! Power Gels are my favorite gels - strawberry banana and rasberry cream my go-to fave flavors with green apple coming in second. :-)

  10. WOW, I could never go that far on a dreadmill!!!! And love the techsupport, LOL!!! That is awesome!

  11. I have in-house tech support, too--it came in very handy when I wanted to watch Olympic stuff on the BBC instead of NBC.

    Great job on the run!

  12. Great pace! Every time I read about you running that far on the treadmill, I'm so impressed. 3 is my limit before going totally crazy. :)

  13. awww, how sweet! tech support was available right out of bed!!! haah! what a great mileage week you've had!

  14. Great Running Tina! I love how your tech support is always available. The show must go on :) I can't imagine running in humidity like what you have. Even just a little heat brings all my paces down. You are doing fantastic.


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