Will Run for Cookies!

My plan for today was to run six to eight miles. After running three miles, it was time to either turn around and run home or to run farther than six miles. I felt pretty good at that point even though it was 80 degrees and humid (felt like 87 degrees), so I ran another mile before I made a u-turn for home. Besides, I knew I'd be baking cookies later and you know what that means!

The last two miles were kind of hard to do without stopping, but I knew that the farther and faster I ran, the more cookies I could eat later. I ran until I hit the water fountain. I ran until the cross-walk. And then I ran all the way home. And when I made the cookies, the only question was: do I want more cookie dough or another cookie? Both, please!

The recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies was great, but I used one whole teaspoon cinnamon instead of just the half teaspoon it called for. That made them taste even better.


  1. Mmm...a cookie-worthy run! I do like oatmeal cookies :)

    Sounds like running is going well for you. 80 is still too warm though!

  2. Anonymous8/12/2012

    Good job on running the longer route! I usually crave greasy food while running, like bacon! :)

  3. Yum! That's good motivation!

  4. Adding cinnamon is never a bad idea, I think.

  5. I love cookie motivation. Whatever works, right? And those cookies sound amazing. I think I need to make some tonight!

  6. YUM!! perfect inspiration! I will run for cookies too...any kind of sweet treat!
    thanks for sharing the recipe link!

  7. i love it!!! i've found adding a little extra cinnamon or vanilla to certain things really helps! those look sooooo goooood!!!


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