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Green Smoothie & Fuel Belt

I heard an ultrarunner say that he doesn't lift weights, but that instead he uses his arms when he runs rather than just let them hang. When I finished running, I noticed tired arms today, and everything else was kind of tired, too, partly because it was warm today - humid and 70-80*. I finished today's 12.5 mile run with a green smoothie. So far, my favorite green combo is yogurt, spinach, frozen banana and canned pineapple chunks (the juice, too). The pineapple is required!

I have a new new hydration belt - the BCG brand fuel belt from Academy ($18). My requirements for belts: no bounce and a big pocket - my phone is 5" x 2.5". I took out the small 8 oz. bottles the belt came with and used my 10 oz. Nathan bottles instead. The belt was too long so I knotted it on the waist band to shorten it. Other than that, it works! (This doesn't beat my Nathan fuel belt, but I needed a 2 bottle belt.)

Recently, I tried an Ultimate Direction Access single water bottle belt,…

Running at the Park/Quinoa

This is part of my usual running route at Memorial Park with some pretty purple wild flowers. This was taken on a quiet, rainy day.
Monday I ran 12 miles and ate 2 yummy Gu gels - peanut butter and chocolate outrage. The next day I ran 8 easy miles. My dog joined me for 2. Today I ran 10 with 6 faster miles. Although I usually run alone, there are usually lots of runners at the park. The other day, I tried to keep up with some Army runners who were doing a timed test. All three runners passed me, but I was able to keep one in sight. He looked like he was doing an easy run, but Iwas not! When I'm trying to run fast, it helps to try to keep up with the speedsters!

This is a salad I ate at America's this week. It was so good that I had to take a picture of it so that I would remember how to make it. On a bed of mixed greens was quinoa, grilled chicken, red peppers, tomatoes, pineapple, papaya, cheese and lemon vinaigrette. You could easily make something similar and just use wha…

Treadmill: 24 Mile Run

Today I ran 24 miles on my treadmill. It's still too hot to do a long run outside. The nice thing about being at home is that you can stop whenever you want. After eating raisins and pretzels for the first half of my run, I felt myself dragging just a bit and went into the kitchen to get a blackberry Gu gel. Then at mile 17, it felt like my toe nail was hitting the front of my shoe so I took a toe nail trimming break to take care of that.

I'm surprised at how little I ate today- one gel, 1/4 cup raisins, a handful or two of pretzels and a cup of Nuun. I figure that's about as many calories as 3 gels and is equivalent to a gel every 8 miles. Usually, I like to take a gel every 5 miles. Also, I didn't go heavier than usual on the carbohydrates in the days before this run.

It was a long, easy-paced run (9:52 average pace) and in order to do it without becoming bored out of my mind, I watched Youtube: travel shows on how to pack lightly, visiting Paris and Utah and the mo…

My 1st Marathon: Late Report!

This race report is about a race that occurred over six years ago in January 2006. I didn't have a blog when I ran this marathon, but here is my race report - just a little bit late in getting to my blog!  

"You finished the race! Your time was five hours and seven minutes,” my husband told me after I crossed the finish line of the 2006 Houston Marathon. My whole body hurt all over, but I couldn’t keep from smiling.
I started running in August of 2004. Before running the marathon, I had never run a race longer than a 5k, but something made me want to run a marathon anyway - probably a magazine article I had come across that told of a woman who finished a marathon. That article inspired me and made me wonder whether I could run a marathon, too, so I started training for one. There were a lot of new things to learn about running lots of miles in the summer heat and then on cold winter days, too, but the biggest change that occurred during my marathon training was that my level …

Gotta Run 22 Miles

I ran outside as far as possible - 9.7 miles. Back at home, I cooled off with a peach popsicle and hopped on my treadmill. There was some good and there was some bad to my 22 mile run...

The bad:

80* and 90% humidity at the start87* with 100* "Feels Like Temperature" at the endStomach ache from mile 8 and on (maybe from the heat)It became more of a run/walkSo it took foreverAn unleashed big, muddy (friendly) dog jumped up on me
The good:

Dog owners who leash their untrained, friendly dogsSometimes I can run through stomach painSome trail running (I ran in Memorial Park, as usual) I finished my 22 mile run My next long run has got to be better!
Next time, I'll start on the treadmill because the heat wore me out. Why am I doing long runs when my next planned marathon isn't until January? I like to run - most days! Here's hoping that your next run goes more smoothly than mine did and that you complete your running goals, too!