My 1st Marathon: Late Report!

My 7 Houston Marathon Medals

This race report is about a race that occurred over six years ago in January 2006. I didn't have a blog when I ran this marathon, but here is my race report - just a little bit late in getting to my blog!  

        "You finished the race! Your time was five hours and seven minutes,” my husband told me after I crossed the finish line of the 2006 Houston Marathon. My whole body hurt all over, but I couldn’t keep from smiling.
I started running in August of 2004. Before running the marathon, I had never run a race longer than a 5k, but something made me want to run a marathon anyway - probably a magazine article I had come across that told of a woman who finished a marathon. That article inspired me and made me wonder whether I could run a marathon, too, so I started training for one.
There were a lot of new things to learn about running lots of miles in the summer heat and then on cold winter days, too, but the biggest change that occurred during my marathon training was that my level of confidence increased the more that I trained. Although I had begun my marathon training wondering if I could finish a marathon, I was beginning to think that there was a very good chance that I could finish the marathon. 
Finally, marathon morning arrived. I was a bundle of nerves. It seemed like forever for the starting gun to go off even though it was probably only about twenty minutes. My stomach had butterflies. I wondered if I would be sick. Then all of a sudden, the gun went off!
I was running. I waved good-bye to my husband. The butterflies disappeared. I felt great. There was excited chatter all around me. I was running the race with thousands of other runners. I was really running a marathon! 
There were race spectators all along the race course. Our names were written on our race bibs that we wore on our shirts and the race spectators called out our names. Young children put out their hands to high-five the runners. I high-fived back.
After five hours of running, I could see the finish line ahead. I wanted to run fast to the finish line, but my legs were so heavy. Strangers on the sidelines screamed at runners, urging them to sprint to the finish. I tried to speed up, but my body felt like it was slowing down. 
“I’ll race you to the finish line,” a runner that I'd never seen before yelled to me. He had just run up beside me. I smiled and I tried as hard as I could to speed up.
“Come on, you aren’t going to let an old man beat you!” he teased. I ran as fast as I could, thankful for the stranger who helped me fly across my first marathon finish line. At least I felt like I was flying!

             I've run twelve marathons so far and I'm signed up for my thirteenth!  How about you? Are you training for your first marathon? Or have you run a few already? 


  1. The first marathon is the BEST! But for now I have no desire to do any more. I've done almost 25 halves and now seem to like triathlons. It's great how we all like different things but share a common love of staying fit.

  2. Firsts are the best! I ran my first back in March and I hope to do a second one this coming year! Thanks for sharing this story!

  3. Love this!
    I'm running #5 and #6 this fall.

    Hope #13 is the best yet for you!!

  4. i LOVE it!!! this totally reminds me of my first marathon, too! i bet that sweet man at the end was running his 10+ marathon! maybe one day i'll have enough energy in me to help someone to the finish! ha!!

  5. That's so cool to recap your first. How exciting! My first marathon was almost 3 years ago at age 38. In November I'll be running number 6. And God willing there will be many more in my future.

    1. By the time you reach #6, you start feeling like you've got the hang of it - a good thing!

  6. Thanks for this late report!!! :D
    Since I started my blog (and my first marathon training) I've looked up at you as someone who runs "fast" and wondered if I could ever achieve your results. Now I know that at the beginning of our running journeys I was even faster than you (ok, just two minutes, but still!) and this gives me hope :)
    How old were you then?

    We all know it's not about speed but just about getting to the start line and hopefully to the finish line, but it's also nice to get faster, isn't it?

    I am running a 10K in October and hoping to finish in less than one hour, then it will be Rotterdam marathon in April, my second marathon.

    Oh and congratulations on completing your first marathon! ;p

    1. I was 40. Yes, it's great to shave time off your race time - nice for those waiting for you to finish the race, too! Thanks for the kind comment!

  7. This is a great story, well worth writing to have recorded & put in the blog !
    Everyone needs a man like that at the end of a Marathon. Just when you think you have nothing left to give...
    So, I have to wait til 6 to get the hang of it? Shoot. I am going to have to do a few more I guess. They are so painful, though!

  8. Never forget the 1st one! Mine was the MCM and it was not a very good experience. I had a really tough time, mostly mentally. A year later I ran marathon #2 and had a wonderful experience!! In 3 weeks I will run marathon #3 and I'm excited! There is so much I learn from each if them :)

  9. What a special post! I'm training for my first marathon coming up in December and I can't wait!

  10. Aww!
    First of all: congrats on your race!

    Second: I love the camaraderie between runners. That guy at the end is one of my very favorite parts of racing - even when all he had to do was keep going, he took the time to encourage you. So cool! :)


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