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Lemm's 5K Race

What a great morning! I ran in a 5K race. It took place at a small park north of Houston. Yesterday it was warm, but today we had great racing weather. It was chilly at the start - about 50*. 

I thought I might look at my watch every now and then, but I was so busy looking where I was going that I only had time to check it once. It didn't matter, though - I just ran at a hard effort the entire way. 

My husband was my "race photographer". It was great to see him and to hear him cheer me forward when I wanted to stop.  I loved the big trees and the lakes. There were a few short hills, which made it more fun than a flat course, and we ran on asphalt and gravel trails.
After the race,  they gave us oranges and cookies and, surprisingly, even avocados. I've never been given avocados at a race before. That was great! 
5K Chip Time: 24:53

Garmin: Split Time Distance Avg Pace Summary24:59.53.167:55

10 Miler & Good Links

I ran a 10 mile progression run today. That made the run fun because I had multiple challenges as I went along, trying to speed up by 15 seconds per mile every 3 miles. I came pretty close to my goals. The cooler morning helped.I ate a Powerbar gel at mile 5 and 2 dates at mile 9. 
How Ritz Carbo Loads - "Last-minute dietary machinations can’t make up for poor training, but smart choices in the last 48 hours can help you get the most from your pre-marathon mileage." I might incorporate some of these ideas like drinking Gatorade days before the race. 
Three Heart-Rate Monitor Mistakes Everyone Makes - "As with any piece of equipment, there is a right way to use a heart rate monitor, and there are numerous possible mistakes you can make with it." I don't know all of the ins and outs of the HRM, but I wear mine to gauge my effort. 
Milk Fat Does a Body Good - “The fats in whole dairy foods are highly complex and may contain beneficial ingredients.” That's why I u…

Donuts at Memorial Park

You never know what a day will bring! Like I do almost every day, I was running the three mile loop at Memorial Park when I saw something I've never seen before - a Krispy Kreme donut bus. Was I dreaming? I haven't had a Krispy Kreme donut since I visited Paddington Station in London over a year ago. Unbelievably, we don't have a store in Houston.

I stopped to find out that Krispy Kreme is on a 75th birthday tour and was giving away free donuts. I ran around the loop a couple more times and then I stopped for a donut and some Krispy Kreme lip balm, too.

I stood there eating my donut and wondering if I should ask someone to take my photo so that I could put it on my blog. That's when a Houston Chronicle photographer, Johnny Hanson, asked if he could take my picture and even took a picture of me with my camera for my blog. Note: looks like I didn't make the paper, but that's okay.

After eating the donut, I ran 2 more miles. In case you're wondering about mix…

Running This Week

Monday was so nice in Houston. I ran in 55 degree weather! I ran about 13 1/2 miles. I ran the middle 10 miles at a hard effort.

Tuesday was an easy 7 1/2 mile day.

Wednesday, I was dripping sweat like normal again - 70*. I ran 11 miles with a 2400m hard effort and 10 x .15mi with 1 minute rests which broke up what might have otherwise been a boring run and taught my legs to run while tired - very tired! Since it was warm, I thought that short spurts would be more doable than longer ones.

Friday, I ran 16 miles. It was about 80* and warm so I broke up my run with short, hard efforts again. This time I ran 6 easy miles, 5 miles of 1 minute hard/1 minute easy, 1 mile easy, 2 miles hard, 1 miles easy. I had  a berry Powerbar gel w/caffeine at mile 11 and drank 40 oz. Gatorade.

Today, I ran 7 miles nice and easy. The easy runs are nice if you've run hard recently.

13 Mile Run, Short Run & Links

Yesterday's 13 miler certainly beat last Tuesday's 12 miler when I fell. Surprisingly, my scraped arm hurts a little when I run and jostle it, but it's not too bad. I ran a 10:01/mile average pace and ate a Gu gel at miles 5 and 9 to keep up my energy. After running ten miles, I went home to get my Weimaraner, Zoe, so she could run, too.

Today I ran an easy 8 miles at a 10:22 pace. I'm eating my post-run whole wheat pancakes now. Yum!

This and That:
Study Shows Eating Beets Improves Running- I'm glad I like beets!
Eat Full-fat Cheese- I usually eat full-fat dairy foods.
Sweat Science: Optimal Carbohydrate Dose for Endurance- Try everything before race day, though!

Thank you for all of the kind comments left on my last post! Happy running!

3 Good Things About Today's Run

While I was running down the road at Memorial Park, I started to get off of the road when I saw two cars coming down the road and somehow I fell down - maybe I tripped on one of my dog's paws. When I stood back up, I noticed that one of the drivers had stopped and waited to see if I was okay. I thought that was really nice. We waved at each other and I ran home (half a mile). I have a minor hip bruise and my arm has a major road scrape. My husband was so impressed that he took a picture of my bloody arm. I can still run so I'm happy. You know you're a runner when all you care about is whether you can run or not after you fall!Before I fell, I ran an 11.5 mile progression run fueled by 3 dates and a few pretzels. I started out slowly while thinking that there was little chance that I could speed up later because it's still warm outside. I tried to speed up anyway and somehow I ran negative splits.