3 Good Things About Today's Run

Photo Taken in the Heights Area

  1. While I was running down the road at Memorial Park, I started to get off of the road when I saw two cars coming down the road and somehow I fell down - maybe I tripped on one of my dog's paws. When I stood back up, I noticed that one of the drivers had stopped and waited to see if I was okay. I thought that was really nice. We waved at each other and I ran home (half a mile). 
  2. I have a minor hip bruise and my arm has a major road scrape. My husband was so impressed that he took a picture of my bloody arm. I can still run so I'm happy. You know you're a runner when all you care about is whether you can run or not after you fall!
  3. Before I fell, I ran an 11.5 mile progression run fueled by 3 dates and a few pretzels. I started out slowly while thinking that there was little chance that I could speed up later because it's still warm outside. I tried to speed up anyway and somehow I ran negative splits. 


  1. Still being able to run is a very good thing. Glad you're okay.

  2. ouch. hope you you're not feeling too banged up today

  3. Nice story about the driver especially these days, when you hear so many bad stories. Glad you are ok though, that sounds like it hurt!

  4. As long as you can still run! I'm full of scars but I can run!

  5. Anonymous10/03/2012

    Ouch, I'm glad you are ok!

  6. Sorry about your fall, glad you're ok though!

  7. Glad you didn't suffer anything more serious than a few bruises. It seems if I fall while running with my dog, he gets the blame whether I tripped on him or not. Poor guy. He's my best running bud too.

    1. Joanne, I just got back from my run and ran by the place where I had fallen. Now I think I fell because the asphalt road is much higher than the grass beside it.

      Today, while running with my dog, I was thinking the very same thing - best running buddy!

  8. ok, i hadn't read this one yet. yikes. glad you are ok! sounds like what my family does (takes pics of injuries!!). what, you didn't want to post a pic of a bloddy, scrapped up arm?! ;)

    that is so nice the driver stopped to make sure you were ok. when i fell, only a truck passed by and i'm telling you, it looked like he was laughing!

    i was sore for about 4 days after. i thought it was a long time. i thought of my son who plays football and is a great tackler how he must feel after each game. and i had a small fall compared to lunging myself at someone! ha!


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