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20 Mile Run

I went ahead and ran 20 miles today.  I needed to get in a lot of miles early in the week and I wanted to be sure that I could still run 20 miles.

This was my eighth straight day of running and I had heavy legs for the first 7 miles. The good part is that I was reminded that I can keep running even when it's uncomfortable for oh, let's just say, "Hours!" Now I have that good kind of soreness that comes from running long.

Pre-run: pumpkin pancakes and banana; During: 3 GU gels (mint chocolate! & vanilla) and 20 oz. Gatorade

60 Mile Week

Daily Miles:

Mon: 12 with 8@MP, tough run 
Tue: 7 easy
Wed: 8 easy, too warm for anything faster 
Thanksgiving Day: 16 (Long run); Pre-run: pumpkin pancakes; During: 2 Powerbar gels. I'm loosely following a Hansons Training Plan for the marathon with its shorter long runs. My goal was to run the last 6 miles at MP (marathon pace), but I could only run the last 4 at MP. My first mile was 10:29/mi. pace and the last was 8:49/mi. pace. Although it's cooler, I'm not easily speeding up like I thought that I would. This plan seems harder than my usual training so maybe that's the reason.
Fri: 7 easy
Sat: 10 w/6x1600m and 800m rests, another tough day, missed my pace goals again

Strength Training: 2 times. I found a new plank variation to try. It's tough!

Healthy Eating: I tried spaghetti squash this week. It's interesting how it comes out like noodles.I also had my share of pumpkin pie this week. That's okay, pumpkin is good for you. : )

Running with Dogs: In case you'…

26.2 in 8 Weeks

The Houston Marathon will be here before I know it! Here's how I trained for it this week.

Daily Miles: Mon: 12 (7 at MP), Tue: 6 easy, Wed: 10 (9:31/mi. ave.), Thur: 10 (9:25/mi. ave.), Fri: 8 easy, Sat: 10 (6x800: slow/tired). There were no long runs in my plans for this week, but maybe running 10 miles two days in a row made up for it.

Total Miles: 56. For 4 weeks, I've increased my miles about 3 miles per week.

Strength Training: 2 times. I tried something new at Prevention.

Music: While strength training, I enjoyed listening to Enya on Pandora.

Healthy Eating: I made lentils for the first time this week. I cooked them in chicken broth with a sprinkle of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Simple and good!

What I Wore: It's still shorts weather in Houston (about 50* when I run), but sometimes I wear gloves the first couple of miles.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hanson's Tempo Run

I'm loosely following one of the Hanson's Marathon Training Plans to train for the Houston Marathon. The main difference between this and other plans that I've used is that it tops out at 16 miles.

The Hanson's Tempo Run, like I did today, is run at marathon pace. Today I ran 8 miles close to marathon goal pace with a 2 mile warm up and cool down for a total of 12 miles. The first mile was my slowest and I missed my goal for this mile, but the run became easier the farther I ran.  Of course, knowing the end is closer helps! I ate a strawberry banana GU gel at mile 6.

I started 12 weeks out from the marathon and there are 9 weeks to go. In the upcoming training weeks, I'll have to wait and see how much I trust the idea of maxing out at 16 miles instead of 20. It's kind of fun to try something new for my 13th marathon.

This & That

Today I ran 8 miles at Memorial Park. After a warm-up, I ran 3 x 1 mile at a faster pace with 4 minute rests. It felt great to finish the final fast mile. The workout seemed to go by fast because I was really focused for three miles. Exercise may suppress your appetite - I think that's true because whenever I finish running a marathon, I'm never hungry. Of course, it's a good idea to eat/drink something when you're done running and you're hungry, but I have to be careful about the rewards when I'm not hungry. Either that or I'll be buying bigger pants.I need to try the holiday-flavored teas like Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane soon - cold weather is expected in Houston. Here's a coupon for $1 off 2.

26.2 in 9 Weeks

Monday- 10.5 miles with 8 miles @8:43 ave or marathon goal pace. My MGP is between 8:47 and 8:55 for a goal of 3:50 or 3:55.

Tuesday- 6.5 miles. My husband and I went out for a special dinner at the Brazilian restaurant Chama Gauchas. You flip a card to one side or the other depending on whether you'd like them to bring you more delicious meat. My favorite was the bacon wrapped chicken.

Wednesday- 8 miles.

New shoe delivery! They are ASICS GT 2170 and cost about $80 with Running 10% off coupon code: GottaRunNow. They felt nicely cushioned like I was running on a mattress. Do you have a favorite discount shoe store?

Thursday- 15 miles @ 9:24 ave. The goal was to run 45-60 seconds slower than goal MP or about 9:30-9:50.

I was low on energy at mile 2. I guess the oatmeal I ate didn't cut it. I stopped to pour some Gatorade into my water bottle and couldn't open the foil package. Water didn't help at all. At mile 3, I borrowed some scissors at the small store at…

50 Mile Week

3 things I'm thankful for this week... I ran 50 miles. I tried a new recipe for Sweet Potato Pancakes.I voted for the next U.S. president.  
Monday, I ran 9 miles with 7 marathon goal paced miles. I need to get used to that pace - only 10 weeks until the Houston Marathon! After that workout and my recent 5K race, I noticed that I was sore so I kept my running nice and easy until Friday. 

On Friday, I ran 13 miles at a 9:55 average pace, which was about a minute slower than my marathon goal pace. I ate a Gu gel at mile 5 with water and drank 20 oz. of Gatorade throughout the run. I like using the small packets of Gatorade powder that mix with 20 oz. of water in my 10 oz. Nathan bottles at the park with water fountains. 
I had 2 hard runs and 4 easy runs this week, with a nice 8 mile run today. I saw a lot of butterflies.
Pancake recipe tips: I cut the sugar in 1/2, added 1/4 c.milk, and used whole milk. Delicious!