20 Mile Run

I went ahead and ran 20 miles today.  I needed to get in a lot of miles early in the week and I wanted to be sure that I could still run 20 miles.

This was my eighth straight day of running and I had heavy legs for the first 7 miles. The good part is that I was reminded that I can keep running even when it's uncomfortable for oh, let's just say, "Hours!" Now I have that good kind of soreness that comes from running long.

Pre-run: pumpkin pancakes and banana; During: 3 GU gels (mint chocolate! & vanilla) and 20 oz. Gatorade


  1. Yay for the satisfying soreness from a successful long run! Yay, too, for mint chocolate gels - yum!!!

  2. Great run! especially with the 8 day streak! woohoo for you!! :)

  3. I love a good 20 miler!! I miss them..you are going to do great with your race :)

  4. Nice job on the run, I haven't done a 20 since June and I am starting to miss them a little.

  5. Good job! Way to go out there and get it done!

  6. Pumpkin pancakes. Yum! Good job on the 20 miles.

  7. NICE!!! i'm glad you think it's a good kind of sore. i like that too!

    so now you're down to 6 weeks away! maybe one more 20 miler?

    you're going to do awesome!!!


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